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Nashville recap: 'Too Far Gone'

We finally have to deal with Lamar, Rayna’s evil criminal father, in that maybe he dies

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Lamar’s finally out of prison — and now he’s dead. Maybe. Probably. He’s had a pretty big day. First, his daughter Rayna and granddaughters Maddie and Daphne threw him a welcome back party during which they attempted mightily to sing the sadness right out of him (pictured, above). Tandy ditches the fete and Rayna eventually learns why from Teddy, who informs his ex-wife that as the government’s star witness, Tandy was responsible for their father’s prosecution. “Everybody in this family is a damn liar,” Rayna steams. She should definitely maintain a distance from her sister, especially since she must never be allowed to CUT HER HAIR OFF like Tandy did. The horror! (Looks good on Tandy, though.)

Lamar appears to suffer a heart attack in Teddy’s office right after Teddy informs him of Tandy’s betrayal. Teddy, the bastard, stays put and watches it all happen — just like Lamar did with his own wife’s car wreck, according to what he told Rayna. Hey, he has to avenge his wife’s death somehow! As Teddy told Megan earlier, “Peggy deserves better.”

Really, Teddy, really?


I can’t decide which was the better payoff for all these weeks of barely shrouded mystery over Teddy’s killer: Lamar’s intensely guilty face after Rayna screamed “Did you try to murder the father of my children?” — or the GUITAR TWANG that immediately followed!

Gotta go guitar twang.


Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.11.26 PM

Totally unacceptable hair for Rayna’s “This Time” video. Zero loose waves. She did look hot otherwise, though. Very Faith Hill-y.

Let’s talk Deacon Claybourne: Live at The Bluebird, which is his proper full name now because the concept of a live recording on vinyl is just the perfect project for him and I wish it could take place every night. And I guess I wish The Bluebird was my living room, but it sort of is. Television. Before the show, Deacon discovers Megan and Teddy enjoying a moment of closeness and he flips out that this was the super-secret case she’s been buried in for weeks. (The case lives inside her iPad.) It’s not the first time Deacon has acted out in jerk-like fashion within moments of being exacerbated by Megan just livin’ her life. Perhaps his own insecurity and self-loathing are at play. “Are you some kind of TRAGEDY JUNKIE?” he accuses her. “Is that why you’re with me, a hot-headed alchie you seduced because of your savior complex?” Whoa.

And yet: Good call. Maybe that is what she does, Megan admits to him later at the Bluebird — he’d left her a sweet voicemail and poof, she was there. “But that’s not why I love you.” Awww?

Deacon dedicates his opening song to Megan, but obviously we can tell it’s really about Rayna with all that “I keep coming back” jargon. It’s a gorgeous, understated, and well-accompanied tune and exactly what I imagined his album sounding like.

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