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'Nashville' recap: 'This Just Ain't a Good Day for Leavin''

An episode of ramifications, and one shocking departure.

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In sum: Sadie doesn’t go to jail, but that isn’t the only Sadie news. And if Rayna thought her day yesterday was long, she had no clue what was in store for her on this one. 

Act One: In which everyone is completely, batshit crazy. 

Given how shocking last week’s ending was, it would have been totally unfair for the show to open anywhere but with Sadie and Luke—they’re at the police station, delivering their accounts of Sadie’s fatal shooting of her ex-husband. It cuts back and forth between the two, recounting their days, telling the officer about recording together, getting coffee, all the things they talked about (Is this a romantic ploy or is this necessary, officer?), and we’re waiting to see where the stories might deviate. 

The weight of what’s against her I guess finally hits Sadie. She’s about to totally lose it and she needs to make a phone call. Did you expect her to call a lawyer? Because she’s not. Nope—cut to Rayna and Deacon discussing how glad they are they got to tell the girls together (Deacon is totes over wanting to bear the weight alone. In the next hour he’ll tell everyone!), when Rayna’s phone starts ringing. Classic Rayna handles it perfectly—Be my mom Rayna!! Or let me be you!!—she tells Sadie to keep quiet until she and her lawyer can get to the station. 

It might seem like cutting this off here would be abrupt. It is, as we head to Chicago to check in on the Triple(-but-actually-double) X’s. Avery is enduring a frantic phone call from Juliette about picking names (this will come back to haunt us), while Gunnar huffs and puffs, absolutely incapable of believing that Scarlett would sleep the night out AND NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT IF THERE WAS AN EMERGENCY!? Sigh, he loves her. So when she finally returns he welcomes her with a growl, “Set an alarm next time!”

Ah Teddy with an early appearance! Natasha calls him. He tells her never to call him again. He stares at himself for a very long time in the mirror. Annnnnnnnnnd scene. 

Rayna gets to the police station with her lawyer and runs into Luke on the way in. Naturally she’s surprised Sadie and Luke were together, but I don’t think anything in her delivery warranted Luke’s vitrol over her asking him why he was with Sadie. He stalks off, presumably to a blacked out SUV. 

Deacon takes Maddie and Daphne to the diner because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and wowza Maddie is in a mood. (Is Daphne a preternaturally mature child? Did I miss that?) She doesn’t want her French toast, she doesn’t want to talk to Deacon and you know what—she doesn’t want to be here! And she’ll leave, oh you bet she will! She’ll get up and walk out and…wait by the car? In her defense, the dad she just learned she had now has a seemingly incurable cancer. 

Scarlett gets on the tour bus bummed she forgot to pack Caleb’s flowers. Gunnar cannot believe she WOULD SAY THAT IN FRONT OF HIM; his meltdown is interrupted with the news of Sadie shooting her ex flashing across their tour bus TV. I appreciate that they don’t pretend that news would have kept its lid on any longer than a few hours. 

Fa-la-la-tee-da it’s the day of Juliette’s baby shower! Except Avery won’t help her pick a name and is on tour rather than at home and basically every famous person has canceled. Miranda! Sheryl! Even Rayna! Of course the news that Rayna has to skip because she’s dealing with Sadie and a potential murder charge, well Juliette’s just mad Sadie had to shoot him today. 

NEXT: In which everyone works toward resolution except Juliette who trashes her own house…