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Narcos recap: Explosivos

While Escobar plans to assassinate Gaviria, the Search Bloc closes in on one of the cartel’s major players.

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Daniel Daza/Netflix


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Crime, Drama
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Pedro Pascal, Michael Stahl-David
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In Season

The bodies are stacking up so quickly in Colombia that Pablo Escobar has to keep a ledger full of the names. Well, maybe not the names, but at least their dollar value. With extradition now on the table and Carrillo declaring war, Escobar has started paying his men to kill government officials, police officers, soldiers, etc. For instance, Poison gets $1 million a piece for the officers he kills at a roadblock. It’s pocket change for Escobar.

Still, while those officers are part of Escobar’s problem, his biggest political threat is still Gaviria, who’s running for President on a pro-extradition platform. Considering what’s happened to every other politician who got in Escobar’s way, Murphy and the DEA are being very careful with Gaviria.

Murphy even goes to meet with him and his head of security, Eduardo Sandoval. Despite Murphy’s advice to stay hidden and out of sight, Sandoval understands that Gaviria needs to be out campaigning. The potential president is in a tough spot. He needs to be careful because he’s speaking out against the cartel, but he also doesn’t want to be seen as cozying up to the Americans.

Murphy is concerned for Gaviria, but he also has his own family to worry about. Just before he’s meant to transport Elisa to a safe hiding place, he finds a bug in his car, clearly planted there by the CIA. He uses that knowledge to his advantage, pretending to have Connie and Elisa in the car, meaning that the CIA follows him while Connie and Elisa escape in a separate car.

With Elisa safe for now, as she gets through a security checkpoint along with Connie, Murphy turns his attention to a man they call The Spaniard. There are photos of him being picked up from the airport by Poison, which means he has to be important to Escobar.

After doing a little digging, Murphy realizes that the CIA has information on the Spaniard, likely locked away in their secret White Room, a room that the CIA doesn’t even admit exists.

Murphy confronts the CIA at the U.S. Ambassador’s office though, and that forces them to let Murphy into the room and search for the information he needs. It turns out that the Spaniard is a member of ETA, a group of “freedom fighters” in Basque trying to secede from Spain. More relevant to Murphy’s interests though is the fact that the Spaniard is known for building bombs that take out high-level political leaders.

Escobar has hired the Spaniard to build a bomb that will kill Gaviria. The question is, when and where will the bomb go off? With that danger imminent, Gaviria’s wife is sent to the U.S. for safekeeping, but the potential president refuses to stop his campaign. He has a number of cities to visit, and while he’s taking precautions—like not giving speeches outside—he’s not going to completely derail his chances at the presidency.

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