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Narcos recap: The Palace in Flames

With new extradition laws in place, Murphy and Pena bring in the CIA to disrupt Escobar’s entire operation.

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Pedro Pascal, Michael Stahl-David
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Despite the fact that Lara took a few bullets from Escobar’s men in the previous episode, the Justice Minister who was trying to do good now just another body in the War on Drugs, Javier Pena is in a good mood. A lot of good came from the exploitation of Escobar’s mugshot, he says, meaning that Lara is just a casualty of war.

Murphy doesn’t see it that way though. He’s not ready to celebrate yet, as there’s still a lot of work to do to put Escobar away. Thankfully, the U.S. has introduced new extradition laws, meaning that anyone caught smuggling drugs into Miami, or anyone who is even associated with bringing drugs to the United States, can be extradited to the U.S. for punishment.

As Murphy tells us, such a law is potentially a very real deterrent. In Colombia, the kingpins, backed by money, can live lavishly in prison. In America though? You’re just another scumbag doing his time. You’re not special to anyone.

Escobar’s hoping to get out ahead of this new law, before it effects his operation, so he calls another meeting of the leaders. He proposes they form another group, this one to fight against extradition. The other leaders are still pissed about Escobar’s foray into Congress, but they back him here, knowing what needs to be done. Thus, they form Los Extraditables.

Because Escobar has no political power anymore (legal power, at least), his men begin terrorizing the judges who extradite the smugglers. The judges in turn begin wearing masks in court when they’re sentencing smugglers so as to keep their identities secret. As Murphy says, “for once, the good guys were wearing the masks.”

With the extradition law in place for now, Murphy and Pena feel this is the time for America to capitalize and bring Escobar in. They need more resources from the U.S. though and, unfortunately, the CIA isn’t ready to make Escobar a priority. They feel that with Escobar out of Congress, he’s just another criminal. They’d rather focus on the communists within the country, who, according to the flawed policy of McCarthyism, are the biggest threat to Americans.

Just because the CIA refuses to go after Escobar doesn’t mean Murphy and Pena are going to give up though. Instead, they partner with pro-extradition politician and presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán to help go after many of the players in the operation.

As much as Galán can help them by supporting extradition, the DEA still needs a way of bringing Escobar in, of catching him on some sort of charge. They start by using their limited resources to pay $100,000 to General Jaramillo, bribing him to put their friend and confidant Carrillo on the Escobar case.

Pena and Murphy get their wish, but Pena is still hesitant. He thinks that it was too easy to get Carrillo on the case, that the General might just be waiting for him to fail so that he can put his own man on it. That means they need to take advantage now.

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