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Mr. Robot recap: Season 2, Episode 11

Angela has a surreal meeting with Whiterose while Elliot runs into an old friend/foe

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Michael Parmelee/USA Network

Mr. Robot

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Crime, Drama
Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin
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Let’s get something out of the way: No, you weren’t high on some illicit substance when you watched tonight’s Mr. Robot. To be fair, much like Elliot and his relationship with Mr. Robot, I can’t guarantee that because I don’t really know that, but here’s the point: “eps2.9pyth0n-pt1.p7z” is perhaps, for lack of a better word, the trippiest episode of season 2. After last week’s gut-punch of a thriller, tonight’s episode is more muted in its delivery, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have teeth. In fact, this one might hit just as hard, but the shot goes for the brain instead of the gut.

We open on Elliot wondering if the mind can really do its own thing while the body sleeps. Well, we know it can — it’s called dreaming, dummies — but he wants to know whether the process can be reversed. He remembers an old college roommate of his used to induce lucid dreaming by lying in bed and reciting the phrase “mind awake, body asleep.” He gives it a try and wants us to join in. It’ll only work if we all do it. Remember that. Our participation, as always, could be important — or baloney. So it goes.

Elliot fades away — do we do the same? — and we’re brought back to Joanna. Sutherland has shown her what he knows about the location of the phone Elliot hacked, the one perhaps belonging to Tyrell. She only has one response: “You know all those gifts he’s sent? This is the greatest we’ve ever received.” And that’s it. No more Joanna or Sutherland for the rest of the episode. Beguiling, indeed…

We’re caught up with Elliot and Joanna, but what about Angela? Well, she was captured at the end of last week’s episode, and now she’s being hauled off in the back of a van while “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” plays on the radio. It’s a super-racist song that’s also about some guy making his way to the top of the government. I’m not going to say Phillip Price is basically Davy Crockett, but he’s not not Davy Crockett.

While Angela makes her way to some unknown destination, DiPierro is recovering in the hospital. She’s livid about being kept away from the action, and even more livid this whole thing isn’t considered a national security concern. She goes on and on about China and the Dark Army, and then her partner breaks the news to her: China just bailed out E Corp to the tune of $2 trillion, no strings attached. The deal trumps all, so DiPierro’s theory — which may be right — is basically a whisper in the wind at this point.

Early on, “eps2.9pyth0n-pt1.p7z” establishes that this season of Mr. Robot is about much more than Elliot. Sure, he’s a big player in the game, and his role in Stage 2 — whatever it may be — is perhaps even more integral than we know, but there’s a more complex struggle taking place between Whiterose and Phillip Price. Price seems convinced he’s got the upper hand with China, but he’s also not aware of Zhang’s real identity as Whiterose. He could be in for a big surprise sometime soon.

Some of that opening stuff is pretty out there, but that’s nothing compared to what happens when Angela shows up at some suburban home. Buckle up, because this is going to get good/Lynchian.

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