September 13, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

Mr. Mercedes

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Both Bill and Deborah take trips down memory lane this week, while Brady takes steps to ensure no big changes affect his world.

It all begins with Brady’s job interview. Though he scoffs at Frobisher’s admonition to wear clean clothes and a tie to meet their corporate overlords, Brady does attempt to get ready — only to realize, with his tie still undone, that his mother is nowhere to be found. I’m sure Bill would laugh even louder if he knew Brady still needed his mom to tie his tie for him, and even more at the sight of Brady getting onto the bus to get to this job interview (since his mom took the car).

Bill, for his part, is investigating the car mover he believes is also Mr. Mercedes. He doesn’t get very far, though, before he gets a call from Janey that her mom had a stroke. He rushes to the hospital and soon learns that Janey is the most reasonable member of her family. Her aunt Charlotte Gibney (Laila Robins) is insufferable in the extreme, demanding everyone clean their hands constantly. On top of that, Charlotte infuriates her daughter Holly (Justine Lupe) by refusing to give her the right ballpoint pen to finish her journal entry. Even her husband tells her to chill out at that point, but Charlotte insists this is the only way to teach her daughter to behave in public.

While Charlotte and Janey meet with the doctors, Bill goes outside, where he runs into Holly smoking a cigarette. The poor girl is clearly terrified of her mother finding out, but she doesn’t have to worry. Bill’s chill, especially since Holly seems to have some insight into Olivia’s death. For instance, she describes her cousin as having been “killed,” which certainly fits Bill’s hypothesis that she was pressured into suicide.

As they’re hanging out, Bill sees a father walking around with his daughter, which prompts his journey into the past — a night many years ago, when he was still a detective with a red beard, when his daughter was booked for a DUI. The full flashback is parceled out over the course of the episode, but apparently this was far from Ali’s first offense. It was, in fact, her third DUI, after she already overdosed on her birthday. Bill decided that the only way to finally teach Ali a lesson (and stop her from ending up in the morgue) was to actually book her, process her, and send her to county jail. Bill probably had the right idea, but his refusal to sympathize openly with his daughter (only giving her a solitary hand wave as she boarded the bus for county) probably goes a long way to explaining why they don’t talk now. (Recap continues on page 2)

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