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Revenge recap: 'Confidence'

The Graysons enjoy “pain du mis,” we learn more about Emily and Aiden’s past, and the white-haired man gets a name!

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“In a race between danger and indecision, the difference between life and death comes down to confidence. Faith in our abilities, certainty in ourselves and the trust we put in others.” Those were the opening lines of this week’s Revenge. And yet, for all of her preaching, Emily didn’t seem all that confident. Now that the possibility of finding her mother is within reach, she seems to be losing her grip.

“Confidence” opens with Aiden and Emily racing through a maze worthy of The Shining. And just what are they running for their lives from? Really adorable dogs. (Were there no German Shepherds available?) They climb up and over the edge of a wall out of the maze where Takeda is waiting. Emily’s in the lead, but then Aiden stumbles, claiming he has a broken ankle. Ems goes all Harry Potter on him and tries to help him up, but unlike Cedric Diggory, Aiden isn’t really injured and he darts past her to capture the flag. Takeda commends this unsportsmanlike move. “Lose your compassion,” he tells Emily. “No hard feelings?” asks Aiden. No such luck. Emily attacks him for cheating and…

Wham! We’re back where last episode ended. Emily shoves Aiden for killing the white-haired man. He insists she needs his help, looking pointedly at the pool of blood at Emily’s feet (literally — she’s standing barefoot in it).

The scene cuts to Victoria enjoying a drink while creeping on Emily’s home. Daniel steps out onto the porch and tells Mommie Dearest that the lights and activity over at Ems are nothing to worry about. “She’s cleaning. She does that when she can’t sleep.” Sure, Daniel. Victoria can’t sleep either thanks to all the reporters swarming the place, clamoring for her story. (Side note: I feel like having a helicopter do a fly-by over your home in the middle of the night, floodlight on, must be illegal.) “What is your story?” Daniel asks and Victoria flashes back to the plane. So she did get on it! I thought there would have been a body double switcheroo of some sort. Anyways, while on the plane, Victoria received a phone call from the white-haired man, who warned her that the plane would blow up. He went on to say that getting rid of Conrad would be mutually beneficial to them both and that he’d be happy to take care of it for half of Charlotte’s inheritance. (Poor Charlotte. Everyone wants a piece of that pie.)

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