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Modern Family recap: She Crazy

Phil’s new hobby ruffles everyone’s feathers.

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Modern Family

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What a family of animals. No, really: This episode, Cam snatched a goat, Claire got a trio of baby ducks to tail her, and Dylan’s still hanging around the Dunphy house. It’s a downright zoo. So, to fast forward — bloop bloop — here’s every zoo-y exhibit we visited this episode:

Birds of (Claire Dunphy as) Prey

Fine, this exhibit name doesn’t make total sense, but you know you loved that image of Claire looking like she just walked off the set of Hitchcock’s The Birds. That moment came at the end of a very long day for Claire, as she struggled to impress Jay and his “pretentious creative team” (meaning they go to work on skateboards and are generally too hip for corporate) with her ideas for new closet designs. The Ambassador? It’s a no. The Hide-a-way Hamper? Also a no. The Rustic Revival? Oh, don’t even think about it.

Dejected, Claire heads to a lunch with Jay and a client when Jay tries to cheer her up. He tells her he might have been a bit too harsh in the meeting, as after all, he’s “just tired of everyone always pitching their closet ideas.” He encourages her to keep trying, and when he leaves the table, Claire takes his words to heart. Alas, when she attempts another pitch, she opens her bag to find only duck feed, attracting a flock of birds and, well, you saw what happened next. Speaking of duck feed…

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Phil Dunphy’s World of Birds

Remember those eggs Phil and Luke discovered a few weeks back? Phil can’t get enough of them. He’s embarked on a mission to build the baby ducks a village so they’ll have the best home when they hatch. And sure, it’s been a month since they brought the eggs home, but Phil’s not losing hope. He’ll do anything, thanks to his “childlike sense of wonder,” like building tiny mailboxes (for a “Quack Nicholson,” no less), storing duck feed in kitchen cabinets (and that’s right, Phil: “Phil, duck feed” does sound like your name!), and even attempting to warm them by pointing his rear at the nest. Although not a single family member agrees to help him on his quest, he manages to find a partner in Lily, who’s forced to stay and accompany him. But while showing off his duck village, this happens:

(How to Get Away With Murder fans, I believe this image is the meaning of “Eggs 911″…and a sign that I need to get better Wi-Fi.)

The two head to buy more supplies, but while they’re away, Claire returns home and ends up hearing a crack. And then another…and another…until all the eggs have hatched, and Phil has missed the miracle and the chance to get imprinted on. By the time the ducks are cheerfully waddling around the Dunphy residence, they’ve learned to follow Claire, not Phil. It’s okay, Phil! Here’s hoping “Duckingham Palace” comes to good use.

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