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Modern Family recap: Playdates

The Dunphys and Pritchetts return with a gallery of guest stars. (Hello, Keegan-Michael Key, Ray Liotta, and…Barbra Streisand?!)

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Modern Family

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Tonight’s episode was packed with stars: guest stars, outdated star maps, and not-so-star-crossed lovers. We’ll start with that last one first:

Cam and Lily and the…Canadians

A Canadian family has been staying in Cam and Mitch’s space upstairs, and when they visit, Lily curiously shuts down and runs away from chit chatting with them further. (Maybe she was uncomfortable with all the Canadian stereotypes that have been joked about since forever?) Cam realizes that she must have a crush on the family’s little boy, Monty (yeah, his name’s Monty), and goes to coach his daughter on dealing with a first crush because he didn’t have the best of times with his — only because his was a bronze statue, and kissing a frozen statue is never a good idea. 

Lily learns from Cam how to flirt with her crush, but when Cam sets up a lunch with the family, she doesn’t spend time talking to Monty at all. Instead, her attention (along with her eyelash-batting) is directed completely on Monty’s father, Rob. Cam, disturbed, pulls Lily aside and tells her that he shouldn’t have confused her about Monty in the first place and made her move forward about a crush without knowing all the details. Lily, slightly ashamed, buries her face into a pillow — which Cam also does a beat later after telling his story about the statue. Like daughter, like father? Speaking of daughters and fathers…

Mitchell and the Kids

…is not a band name. (Maybe it should be?) Instead, it’s the grouping of characters that only happened because the year before the kids in question forgot to give their dear Uncle Mitch a proper birthday present, leaving him with a coupon for “Uncle Mitchell’s Birthday Funday,” which, as Haley, Alex, and Luke admit, they never thought he’d use. 

Yet, this being Modern Family, Uncle Mitchell happily bounded into the Dunphy house and flourished that coupon. Haley proceeds to give her the omelette she had been making to make Claire approve of her next scheme, and Luke sings an impromptu “omelette song,” with inspired lyrics like “It’s your birthday / I’m an omelette” and dance moves like…well, whatever’s going on here:

Later, they try to drive Mitch around looking for something he would be excited to be surprised by on his Birthday Funday. Just as they’re about to give up (and Luke’s about to knock out Mitch for more brainstorming time), Haley spots a Star Maps stand, where they pick up a map to homes of celebrities. They wind up at Goodfellas/Something Wild/Field of Dreams star Ray Liotta’s house instead of Barbra Streisand’s (the map’s years out of date), but — surprise! — Goodfellas/Something Wild/Field of Dreams star Ray Liotta has mail he needs to take over to Barbra’s house. Mitch gets a story he can’t wait to tell again and again after he chats with Barbra over the intercom. And, yes, that voice telling Mitch to leave is indeed THE Barbra Streisand herself:

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