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Modern Family recap: Dunphy Style

Claire and Phil get caught in a compromising position, and Gloria has a cupcake catastrophe

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Modern Family

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Thank goodness it’s never happened to me, but walking in on your parents doing the nasty has got to be one of the most disturbing events in a child’s life. But watching it happen on Modern Family is just plain funny. From all the kids’ brilliant reactions – Alex and Haley’s disgust and Luke’s confusion – to Claire and Phil locking themselves in their bedroom, the whole thing was fabulously awkward. And it felt kind of real too. I love when all the Dunphy kids band together. Watching them sitting on the bench at the gas station, still in their jammies, while they ragged on their parents was pretty entertaining. Those three make up a good little comedy troupe — as well as believable siblings. And of course the whole fiasco ended on an even funnier note after they gave their parents what they thought was the smartest and most humiliating anniversary gift they could thinks of – a lock for their parent’s door – but it ended up blowing up in their faces. Every time Claire and Phil (loudly) locked the door, it was like a big announcement to the whole family that they were about to get down and dirty.

The second funniest interaction of the evening was between Gloria and Claire. I normally don’t enjoy “misunderstandings” in sitcoms. It feels lazy and overdone. And it reminds me of Three’s Company, a show that relied solely on miscommunication and confusion for laughs and it made me crazy, I always wanted to yell and Jack or Janet and tell them what was really going on. It just felt  so tired and predictable, but Modern Family pulls off the misunderstanding cliché and makes it feel fresh. When Gloria was talking about her email, and Claire was talking about having her kids walk in on her having sex, and Phil was about to pass out because it sounded like Gloria was propositioning Claire, well, that was just clever, quick, and not annoying in the slightest. Not to mention the fact that everyone will now look at cupcakes in a whole new (Gloria-fied) light.

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