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Mistresses recap: Blurred Lines

I guess that’s a wrap on Jerry O’Manny

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I’ve got to be honest: I have no idea where this show is going at this point. When I think it’s going to zig, it zags! Once I finally accept the delightful Jerry O’Connell as a manny named Robert who shows up on Shagger, he goes and gets a hasty wrap-up. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This week the show seems to be saying, “Oh, yeah, we’re supposed to show everyone having sex a lot, aren’t we?” So we get a nice opening montage of all our main “mistresses” getting busy. Hey, it’s summertime! Why not.

Joss: We see Joss in a steamy shower soaping up her many bruises when “dirty Harry” — their joke not mine! — decides to join her. One of you guys mentioned in the comments section that Joss’s bruises continue to sort of move around. This is hilarious and, I hope, true. But I’m guessing we’re supposed to believe Joss is just covered everywhere in bruises! It luckily does not slow her down any in the shower with Harry.

What is vexing her this week, however, is that she apparently lost some big client who was super duper close to being the next Rachel Zoe! And Gawker wrote an item about it and she’s worried her career is going to be in trouble. (Uhhhhh, this seems unlikely but let’s not start splitting hairs now.) Her solution? Head to a premiere and accost a new up-and-comer, Stacy North, who seems like a nightmare. Joss stops her on the carpet and pitches her services, giving a little dig to this young girl’s current representative. Unfortunately he swoops in to remind Stacy that Joss’ last client is in jail and etc etc and he basically just destroys her.

But Joss is determined and, with the help of her assistant, is able to sneak a look at this dude’s phone when they’re both together at a music festival. Does no one have password protection? Come on. She found damaging texts written by this guy about Stacy, which Joss leaks to Gawker and which ruins this guy’s life so… I’m not sure what to think about this. Anyway, she also manages to talk real talk to Stacy about how strong her passion is for Stacy’s music, proving it by remember details I apparently didn’t find important to write down. But there you have it. Will this kind of cold-hearted snake be her path to success? Time will tell.

She’s still a real wreck though. She gets invited to an impact class that seems to be a kind of de facto support group for women who have suffered through violence and tragedy. And as Joss starts to share, it sure sounds like there’s more to her night of terror than we’ve heard. Stay tuned.

Karen: Karen seems to enjoy getting her groove back both in the bedroom and in the office. Her and the ex-manny are apparently having really great sex a lot, but he’s beginning to get clingy about how devoted she is to her job. She has a couple who are having some sex problems, specifically that the lady has never once had an orgasm. Karen is intrigued and enjoying trying to help, giving them intimacy workshops and the like. Frankly, this story line was a little irritating — especially the conclusion of it, which was discovering that the way they were able to “connect” (if you know what I mean and I think you do) was by role playing and dressing up as superheroes. Hard pass.

She toys with the idea of pumping the breaks a bit on clients and concentrating on her budding relationship and Joss sets her straight: You can scale back for your baby or for a book but not because of a dude. Karen listens and tells Robert it’s over. They have a sweet goodbye and he even found her a replacement nanny that he feels is worthy. (If you are looking for a Jerry O’Connell fix, however, you can go here.)

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