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Mistresses recap: Threesomes

Relationships start—and one maybe ends.

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Guys, I just want to state up front here that I do not like where things are going after this episode. Well, specifically, I don’t like where Harry and Joss are headed at the end of this episode. To quote the poetess Jordin Sparks, Why does love always feel like a battlefield?

That’s where we’re at when we open with Joss and Harry going through how he never got that apology text from Joss (because evil Niko erased it). Talk talk talk about texting talk. Let us all just agree the invention of texting has begat all sorts of new and exciting communication problems between men and women. Awful Niko inserts herself into the conversation (ugh, go get another tattoo, lady) and Joss hisses. “Texting will no longer be our primary mode of conversation.” Sing it, sister. Joss admits to Harry that she was lurking around on his photo shoot and saw Niko rubbing up against him like some sort of feral cat. Thankfully they agree they don’t want to fight and they should go out on a date for the first time instead.

April dresses up ALL sorts of cute to go to Headmaster Hottie’s office. She pulls it out—she pops her hip, she rolls her ankle around, and tosses her hair like a champ, and he ignores it completely. She looks as shocked as me that this isn’t working.

Later, she starts to tell a very quiet Karen all about it, but Karen is able to shut that down with the simple sentence: “I had sex with Alec and Vivian.” Oh show, you’ve still got it.

Just then Joss brings Calista into the shop to make their foursome complete. Joss notices that something is up and keeps pressing till April totally blows up Karen’s spot. Joss, of course, is totally judgment free and seems pretty pumped about the whole thing. But then Karen has to run cause she has to meet a priest? Beats me! She’s apparently going to be helping married couples find happiness together (but not in the way you guys are thinking, hey-o). When she gathers a bunch of couples together to chat she’s distracted by her own flashbacks of her hot and sexy threesome.

Joss is driving and leaving a message for Harry when uh-oh, she gets a call from ex-fiance Scott. Remember him? Me either. She switches over and has a totally weird talk with Scott about how he’s apparently about to be engaged and needs the ring back. It’s been about five minutes since they broke up, right? She arranges to meet him the next afternoon. BUT OH GAWD it sounds like she may have left all of this on Harry’s voice mail? Technology: It will get us all in the end.

Calista comes home from her boozy brunch all chatty and cute behavior wasted on stupid Luca. He’s not having it and keeps pushing her to sign some papers for the stupid accessories line he wants. Yeah, I think I officially hate Luca.

April is cyber-stalking Blair. Marc helps her out with it, and she learns that he’s really, really into hot yoga. (Okay, single ladies, trust me on this one: This is a terrible, just terrible sign! Namaste.) April, as usual, can’t see that this is a bad thing and starts plotting.

Joss heads to the restaurant to make sure Harry didn’t get that whack voice mail. I feel for Joss on this one: She basically fesses up about the Scott call, which is appropriate, but leads them down the rabbit hole of why is Scott calling Joss. Joss, not reading the signs, gets weird about Scott and then Harry gets weird and then the stupid text thing comes up again and ugh. Too real, Mistresses, too real.

Calista awakens with no husband but breakfast in bed. She drinks a martini later (love) and tells her assistant she doesn’t want to eat. I thought Wilson was gay, but apparently he likes ladies as he starts kissing Calista and she says they can’t do that kind of thing “anymore.” Interesting!

Joss shows her various outfits to Karen—who is half asleep (and apparently sleeps in a bra? Fascinating). Vivian calls and and while it starts off awkward, it ends with an invite for Karen to come over for dinner.

Oh no, now we’re actually at hot yoga with all the skinny women being territorial about their mat placement. April somehow didn’t know that hot yoga meant, you know, heat and is worried about her hair. (Fair.) She’s about to bolt when she runs into Blair. She’s a wreck by the end of class (and I was happy to see some frizz), but gamely chats it up with Blair while some mean ladies glower in the corner. She’s all, let me take you out to dinner! He says okay, and she tells him she can get them into Wunderbar. Of course. Another chick lets her know she’s scored and that many have tried and failed before her.

Joss meets up with Scott and it is appropriately weird and awkward. He is back together with the ex-girlfriend before Joss and she can’t resist a, “Your mom must be really happy.” Good luck, Scott. It’s bittersweet, and he wasn’t a bad guy, though we didn’t ever get to the bottom of that shoe fetish, did we?

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