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Mistresses recap: Odd Couples

The ladies are learning some important lessons.

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What a long time a week can feel like in between Mistresses viewings. Where were we? Oh yes, Trailer Park Marc (I guess I should retire this nickname now that he’s given up the trailer) and Scott are moving in with April and Lucy; Karen is making a selfless gesture and donating her special blood to Dr. Alec Adams’ beloved wife Vivian; Joss told Harry that they need to wait before they can be in love or something and her new pal, Calista, we left maybe hitting on Harry at the bar? Hmmm.

We open with Calista in bed—not with Harry, thank goodness—but with her cheater husband who we know is awful cause he is one of those sleep-on-your-back-snorers. She considers smothering him with a pillow but thinks better of it when his sleep apnea kicks in.

Lucy is still giving her mother plenty of pre-teen attitude but Marc is behaving like a full-on teenager. He’s sleeping through the morning routine of getting the kids to school and April informs him that she is not an alarm clock and that maybe he should get a job. He’s all, shrugs. Maybe I do like TP Marc!

Karen is in the hospital hearing Alec go on and on about the procedure she’s about to go through, which sounds actually very unpleasant. These two have that kind of contentious chemistry that makes me concerned they’ll have an affair, what with him totally talking down to her even though she’s a doctor. But he leaves and Karen is faced with the harsh reality that she’s alone in a hospital bed, she has nothing to read, and the TV is garbage. Where are all her pals?  

Joss is at Calista’s mansion, bantering with Wilson, Calista’s officious assistant, and dressed for Soul Cycle. But—and you guys never will believe this—Calista’s super important runway show for a super important dude is in danger because her event planner didn’t secure the W. Hey, I know someone who can event plan! Joss offers to save the day and Calista gives her what I think is a very valuable Lean-In speech about not giving her services away for free. (Cheating husband walks by and checks out Joss’s ass, btw. Nice touch.)

So this is all going pretty well till Joss mentions she’s been texting with Harry. Calista, subtly, convinces Joss that it’s better to have no contact with Harry at all. This is all very suspicious don’t you think? And I really want to like Calista so I’m looking forward to the explanation on this one.

April is at her shop when a woman from Western Majestic Insurance enters (shouts to the writers’ room for that name!). So that whole thing where April got 200k dollars life insurance when Paul pretended to be dead? Yeah, she needs to pay that back in 30 days. Dun dun dun.

April and Joss fuss over Karen who is couch-bound, and April fills them in on the loan situation. Karen suggests that she hire a good lawyer and they all have a moment of Savi silence. Karen also offers a loan—she really is in a giving mood, isn’t she? April says no. Joss changes the subject and talks about how cool Calista is. She is excited for April and Karen to meet her.

Over at Harry’s restaurant, Ellis—wearing a ridiculous outfit—is kissing Harry’s ass some more. Not only do the investors think Harry is a genius but LA Magazine has named Harry one of LA’s top chefs. That hot bartender Neko lurks about.

Karen is really not feeling well and not looking all that hot. (Her kitchen, on the other hand, is looking fabulous). She throws a cup of coffee to the ground and calls for Joss but is clearly on her own. Knock at the door. It’s Alec Adams. Here’s my big surprise face.

April calls Toni. YOU GUYS, REMEMBER TONI? AKA Savi’s nemesis who slept with her boyfriend and I thought got fired? Dom recommended her. (RIP DOM. We’re clearly not seeing much of you this season.) April tells Toni she has no money to pay this loan back and Toni seems sincere that she wants to help.

Alec Adams checks Karen’s vitals and tells her he’d knew she’d feel worse the day after the procedure. Where are the people taking care of her? Why is she all alone in the world? She’s all, uh easy buddy, let’s not make it feel worse. He cancels all his appointments and appears to be setting up shop for the day at Karen’s. 

Joss is whipping Calista’s event into place. I love Joss at work. Harry calls her in a panic about what to wear for his photo shoot. The two of them are being super nice and cute till Joss remembers Calista’s dumb advice and blows him right off.

April—already having a pretty crappy day—gets home to chaos. A woman who has a store devoted to making your home feel good can not feel great about finding Marc along with a huge mess and two barking dogs. Marc tells her he’s gotten work doing tasks at something called Busy Beaver (we have Task Rabbit in New York). April is all maybe I’ll call Harry to help you out. I love that the whole LA (Vancouver) world exists between five characters.

Harry meets with his fancy pants photographer and is a bit perplexed to learn that his wardrobe is—as Joss predicted—provided. The bad news is that he’s being asked to don star-spangled speedos. Also, what Ellis neglected to tell him is that this piece is actually the Top Ten Sexiest Chefs in LA. Oops.

NEXT: We learn why Calista was stalking Harry