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Minority Report recap: The Present

Dash’s latest vision puts Vega on a dangerous path — one that might lead to her father’s killer.

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Minority Report

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Stark Sands, Meagan Good, Nick Zano
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This week’s episode of Minority Report was called “The Present,” so naturally, we start in the past.

It’s 2048, to be exact, in the last months of the pre-PreCrime era. A police officer is strolling in the rain through a neighborhood called the Sprawl, and the name on his badge is “Vega.”

This is the dear, departed dad of Detective Lara Vega, and we’re about to watch him die. There’s a strange noise nearby, and then out of the rain, a gun appears. There’s one shot, then another, and Officer Vega is down — to the apparent satisfaction of a bearded, hooded, eyeless man who strolls away from the scene.

End flashback, roll title credits.

Aaaand we’re back, in the post-PreCrime present, a.k.a. the future, where Agatha is showing to Arthur the plans for a new containment system that her minion found in the system last week. Which is worrisome, yes, but as Arthur points out, the plans are 10 years old — dating back to before the close of PreCrime.

Agatha doesn’t care. In fact, she’s more invested than ever in the idea that Vega can’t be trusted, and she’s coming off more and more like a manipulative lunatic as she digs in on her conspiracy theory, insisting, “She will betray us.” (Dial it back, Aggie. You’re getting a little intense.)

Vega, meanwhile, is doing what she does best: spitting in the face of anyone and everyone who tries to care about her. First she refuses to eat the nice algae frittata her mom made for breakfast on her birthday, and then she gets mad at Dash for bringing her flowers at the office. But not because she’s weird about getting older or anything; she’s just bitter and sad because she shared a birthday with her late dad. Aw.

At police headquarters, Vega gets called away for a walk-and-talk with Henry Blumfield, deputy director of the DIA, at the same time as Dash’s vision thermometer (you know, the one they remind us he’s wearing at the start of every episode) goes off.

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On the murder menu this week: shattering glass, a gun, a logo, a red sports jersey, and a ticking sound. And as always, something sticks out: That jersey is a 2019 Redclouds jersey, from the first year that the team finally decided to stop calling itself a racial slur. (Sidenote: Is this an overly optimistic timeline? Discuss.)

Also of note: It turns out that PreCrime was technically already in effect, being beta tested, the year that Vega’s dad was killed, which means there might actually be a recording somewhere of his murder as the precogs saw it. Were those recordings saved? Wally doubts it, but I doubt Wally. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, the 2019 Redclouds jersey should be easy enough to track down, seeing as they’re vintage and rare. Only when Vega asks Akeela to hunt for it, it turns out there’s no need: Akeela bought Vega the jersey for her birthday.

“Vega, you’re the victim,” Dash gasps. And then they cut to commercial, presumably so we can all scream in horror.

NEXT: Done screaming? Good, there’s a murder to investigate.