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Minority Report recap: Fredi

Dash strikes up a romance with a potential murder victim, and makes himself vulnerable in the process.

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Minority Report

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Stark Sands, Meagan Good, Nick Zano
Sci-fi, Crime

Minority Report suffered a blow this week, as Fox cut its first-season order down to 10 episodes from 13 (and prompted many a hilarious joke about whether the precogs saw this coming, ha, ha.)

But like its murderers-to-be, Minority Report might still have time to change its destiny. The show’s various plotlines cruised ahead with confidence in “Fredi” —  and Stark Sands, in a plotline that found him with more to do than play Vega’s bumbling sidekick, showed us a different side of Dash: one that’s emotionally vulnerable and possessed of a certain socially awkward sex appeal.

Intrigued? Yeah you are.

That comes later, though. In the opening scene, it’s Arthur who’s getting down to some steamy business with his ladyfriend, only to be interrupted mid-makeout by Dash, who studiously ignores the lingerie-clad woman in the room (and, it must be said, shamefully ignores a golden opportunity to make a filthy precog pun.)

Dash is stopping by because he wants to tell Vega about Agatha’s vision, the one in which Vega appears to be complicit in re-enslaving the precogs. Arthur doesn’t like this idea and responds the way he always does — by threatening not to help Dash with future pre-murder investigations. And neither man seems to realize that they have some version of this conversation basically every time they meet, but hey, at least this time, they got it out of the way before the title credits.

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Back at police headquarters, it’s time for the civilian Hawk-Eye analysts to pair up with cops and head into the field. Blake pops up long enough to give Dash a hairy eyeball, presumably a reminder that he’s supposed to keep an eye on (read: spy) on Vega. Vega, meanwhile, is more concerned that she and Dash are spending too much time together, leading to a moment of awkwardness as they both realize that she’s his only friend and confidant.

But there’s no time to talk about their relationship: Dash’s thermometer watch — the one that alerts him a few seconds before he’s going to have a convulsive vision — goes off. And so does he, to Wally’s house, to download the new psychic teaser trailer for a murder in the making.

As always, it’s just bits and pieces: a gun, a blood-spattered statue, a bracelet, and a barking dog. Fortunately, now that Akeela is part of the team, they’re able to quickly track down the likely murderer, whose name is Cayman Bello. He’s a rich playboy with recently deceased parents, and he happens to be throwing a fundraising party, which is basically a great excuse for Dash and Vega to get fancied up and go undercover. (Sidenote: I could write 500 words about the evening gown Vega wears for this scene, and every one of them would be DAAAAAAMN.)

At the party, Dash locates a statue that looks a lot like the to-be-bloodied one — and then gets located himself by a flirtatious hottie who works for Cayman, Fredi Kincaid. Not only is she wearing the bracelet from his vision, pegging her as the likely murder victim, but she’s cute. So obviously, Dash can investigate her and date her at the same time, right?

Right! …Well, okay, sort of. Vega insists that he be chaperoned, wearing a wire and a pair of those contact lenses that let she and Akeela see and hear everything. And if you’ve ever wondered how those lenses work:

“Whatever you want the system to do, just think it with your tongue,” says Vega, which sounds more like a line from an erotic memoir about robot romance than a user’s manual, but whatever.

Despite the fact that Vega and Akeela are basically cockblocking him via earpiece, Dash successfully asks Fredi out (for “meals or beverages”) and ends up accompanying her as a guest to another party at Cayman Bello’s house. It doesn’t seem to be going well, but when Cayman asks a snobby question about where Dash’s family comes from, Dash gives a brutally truthful answer that not only puts the rich jerk in his place, but is also transformative for Dash. For the first time, he’s talked openly, albeit obliquely, about the pain of being orphaned and abused, and his face registers vulnerability and empowerment at once.

Fredi, of course, is smitten.

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