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Marvel's Iron Fist

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Let’s be honest: Iron Fist isn’t the most well thought out series. The show seemed like it was trying to offer some kind of critique of capitalism, but that has all gone by the wayside. So I was surprised to see the show really acknowledge something that’s been present since the first episode: Danny’s anger issues. Throughout the premiere, we saw Danny lose his cool several times — when he was being escorted out of the building, when he confronted Ward — and more so in later episodes. Danny finally confronts those issues head on in the eleventh episode, which is too long for what it is: a stalling episode.

My co-recapper Christian has pointed how weird it isn’t that we still haven’t seen K’un-Lun. Well, this episode kind of grants his wish because it opens with a flashback to Davos finding Danny unconscious in the mountains of K’un-Lun right after he defeated Shao-Lao the Undying, the dragon, and gained the Iron Fist. Davos tells Danny that he’s now the defender of K’un-Lun and his role will be to guard the pass. While it’s nice to finally see some part of K’un-Lun, it’s clear that show’s budget was severely limited because we only ever the pass in the episode. Furthermore, the flashbacks, for the most part, aren’t that revelatory because they just repeat what we knew and hammer home things we could’ve picked up from other scenes in the episode.

The other failure of the flashbacks is that they don’t do anything to flesh out K’un-Lun. We’re 11 episodes in and I’m still not sure exactly why it’s worth defending; that’s the other thing that prevents Davos’ problems with Danny from really landing. All we know about K’un-Lun so far is that Danny was beaten, it has some dope plum wine and chariot races, and there’s a dragon living in the cage.

The opening flashback also sets up the episode’s concern with fleshing out Danny and Davos’ friendship. In the present, Davos is pretty pissed with Danny about leaving K’un-Lun. As the Iron Fist, it’s his duty stand guard at the pass, but instead, Danny ran off from his post right after becoming the Iron Fist, like a thief. However, Davos’ anger runs deeper than that, as we find out later on when he’s talking to Claire after she heals him. He tells Claire that he believed the Iron Fist was his birthright but accepted the monks’ decision to have Danny go after it. Danny leaving K’un-Lun has reawakened those feelings of resentment. It’s a fairly interesting dynamic, but I wish the show had shown us more of Danny and Davos’ friendship via flashbacks to make this work in the episode. There are definitely hints of a close bond, like Davos volunteering to be Danny’s second while guarding the pass, but that’s not enough.

Colleen makes it back to the city and tracks Danny to Claire’s apartment. Luckily for her, Claire, despite her better judgement, has been defending Colleen to Danny because she thinks she’s still a good person. Unfortunately, Danny, who is busy practicing The OA movements to regain his chi, isn’t the in the mood for reconciliation. Danny says the Hand is evil. Colleen says he’s been brainwashed and that the Hand does some good, too. Both of them go back and forth, failing to acknowledge that actually, both of them have been indoctrinated and should probably take a step back to consider thing for themselves.

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