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November 22, 2017 at 08:49 AM EST

Marvel's Runaways

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Teen Drama
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Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Allegra Acosta
We gave it a B+

Catherine makes for a formidable enemy, but Molly manages to find a way out — literally. She mumbles something about “puberty-type stuff,” heads to the bathroom, and tears off a section of the wall just to make her way out. “Awesome,” she says to herself when she destroys much of the room. Molly may be destructive, but at least she’s having fun with her abilities.

Until she passes out after using them, that is. Catherine finds her asleep just outside the cafe, takes her to her car, and questions Molly as she wakes up. Molly, though, is just quick enough to stay ahead of Catherine, appealing to her maternal instincts as she lies about how the older kids made her go into the study to try to steal some liquor. She lays it on pretty thick, explaining that the older kids have always seen her as someone everybody got stuck with, so she didn’t want to try to get out of it, and at that, Catherine sympathizes, putting the serum down and telling Molly that she would be happy to tell her about her parents when she’s ready. Aww.

It’s one crisis averted, with several more in play. Alex has a close call with Geoffrey when he tries to investigate the study, only to realize his dad’s home, too. Nico faces a similar issue: With her mom and dad out on the worst date of their lives, she pries into Tina’s home office, finding Amy’s diary and opening the case for the Staff of One in the process. When she picks it up, it pricks her finger — a notable difference from the way Nico has to activate the staff in the comics — and recognizes her as a Minoru, allowing her to control it. And so she does: When she rifles through Amy’s diary, she lands on a paper snowflake her sister had made, and as she thinks about it, the staff causes it to snow, right inside her mother’s office.

Too bad it snows too much. By the time Alex arrives to help her solve the situation, the office is blanketed in white, and Tina’s already on her way home. And so they quickly sweep and melt as much of it as possible, before stumbling into Nico’s bedroom and putting on a show for Tina of teenage libido. Tina’s convinced, and Alex gets kicked out… but he’s more than happy to have helped. As they say goodbye, he kisses Nico, and though she reminds him it was all an act for Tina, he’s not convinced. He smiles as he walks away — and so does Nico.

Over at the Steins’, Gert and Chase have also been doing some PI work. She picks up goggles that allow the user to see through anything — Chase should keep those and get cracking on those fistigons glove things again — and sneaks a peek at Chase’s junk, because, well, teens. They also find Victor’s box and, with the help of the goggles, discover that Destiny isn’t inside. Chase is thrilled at the news, but Gert’s not so sure. She convinces him that they need to do some poking around at her house as well, because the Yorkes could have also taken Destiny for use in their own experiments.

The Yorkes, it turns out, are also out of the house. They’re grabbing tons of food from a food truck for their pet downstairs, and they speak about moving away to a remote ranch now that the Pride is over. Not so fast, Dale and Stacey: Gert and Chase have entered the basement — this time, Chase wears the goggles, while Gert keeps a lead vest on — and, ignoring the “Keep Out” sign, opened the door to Old Lace’s lair. The dino crashes out of her pen, darts around the basement, and corners Chase and Gert. Gert pleads for it to be over, but just as she does so, the dinosaur quiets down and appears to listen to her. She only scampers away when a car honks outside — which means a dinosaur is now loose in LA.

That’s not the only problem the adults have now. Leslie learns from the dying man that nothing happened after the ritual, and she’s worried about why it’s taking so long for whatever it is that’s supposed to happen to happen. She gets her answer quickly enough, at least: Tina gives her a call right after she leaves “private meditation,” telling her to watch the local news. Half an hour ago, Destiny’s body washed ashore, and now Victor isn’t picking up his phone, and neither is Janet or Robert. Leslie looks dismayed. “We’re going to need another sacrifice,” she sighs.

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