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Manhattan recap: The World of Tomorrow

Why is Frank Winter now wearing a private’s uniform?

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Rachel Brosnahan, Michael Chernus, Christopher Denham

“It’s all science fiction.”

Episode 5 of this season of Manhattan begins with John Benjamin Hickey’s Frank Winter making this declaration to Ashley Zukerman’s Charlie Isaacs. It’s the first time either has seen each other since Frank was detained, and now he’s back at Los Alamos to tell Isaacs, the current leader of the tech group, that there is no Nazi bomb.

“The Army manipulated us,” Winter explains. But Isaacs, to his horror, is unmoved.

“The gadget’s an inevitability,” the younger scientist says.

“You don’t even care that we’ve been lied to?”

“There’s a war on three continents. And a madman rounding up Jews,” Isaacs says. Then his pregnant wife, Abby (Rachel Brosnahan) comes into the room. She’s pale, sweating. Something is wrong.

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Outside the home, Winter is arrested by military police, and we next see him in the office of Col. Darrow (William Petersen) who is not happy that the White House forced the release of his prisoner. And he’s even less happy that the prisoner is back making trouble on his Hill.

When Winter threatens to tell the world about the Army’s deception, using the threat of a non-existent Nazi bomb to motivate scientists to build one for the U.S., Darrow hands him two folders.

One contains charges of espionage for sharing what he knows with Isaacs. The other is an enlistment form.

“You’re going to send me to the front?” Winter says.

“You’ll stay right here as a private in the Army under my command. Unless you test my patience then you’ll get a one-way ride to the Pacific,” Darrow tells him.

It’s really not much of a choice. “Now go say goodbye to your wife,” Darrow says.

In another act of cruelty, the colonel won’t let Liza Winter (Olivia Williams) leave Los Alamos either, but the husband and wife are forbidden from associating.

Liza is furious at Frank for dragging her back when they were free and clear. “You told me two days,” she says.

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