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Manhattan recap: Fatherland

Frank Winter, imprisoned by a dead man, fights for his life.

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Greg Peters/WGN


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Rachel Brosnahan, Michael Chernus, Christopher Denham

“I want to apologize while you still have sound mind and body.”

So says Avram Fischer, the X-4 government agent charged with hunting spies in the Los Alamos project. He’s a dead man walking, but he doesn’t know it yet.

This episode belongs to John Benjamin Hickey’s Frank Winter, the central character on Manhattan, who was altogether missing from its premiere last week. Now we find out where he is and what he’s doing to extricate himself from the pit he has (sort of) dug for himself.

It’s a strange hour of television, certainly the most unusual and offbeat episode of the show so far. Winter is being held captive by a ghost. We saw Fischer killed in the previous installment after discovering that Meeks (Christopher Denham) was an actual traitor. He’s wrong about Frank, but he has good reason to be suspicious. 

This scene in the prison obviously took place before his murder, but then his disappearance leaves the scientist stranded. It’s a shock to see Avram again after watching him be so brutally murdered.

Avram’s question is rather specific: he wants to know why Winter took a leave of absence 1936 and stayed for two months in Leipzig, Germany: “Since then, you’ve taken great pains to conceal that trip.” Winter finds himself accused of killing the U.S. mole who was embedded in Hitler’s own atomic bomb program.

Fischer departs, saying he’ll be back. Maybe in three days. But of course, there will be no resurrection for him.

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