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Madam Secretary finale recap: Varitus

Bess takes on a risky trade on the season finale of Madam Secretary

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Sarah Shatz/CBS

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How are we supposed to wait five months for more Elizabeth McCord (and Blake)? Also, we may need to inquire about a name change to the show. Madam Vice President, perhaps?

I was quite skeptical about the finale since they wrapped up all the drama in Islamabad last week, but the twists and turns of this episode between Bess potentially losing her job, the trade for Dmitri Petrov, and Stevie’s engagement really made for an awesome finale. For the first time in a long time everything was happy and no other countries made serious problems for Bess. Even Russia was telling the truth for once. 

First let’s talk about Bess’ job situation since she’s our leading lady. 

While looking into what would happen if the U.S. returned Peter Buckley to Russia, Mike B. found some unsettling information. He barges into her office and warns her that the White House has hired a company to vet three men who are all being considered to replace Bess as Secretary of State. She initially laughs off the warning, saying Conrad would never do that, which is true. He would be a fool to get rid of her considering all the things she’s done. After all, it’s because of her that the Cuban trade embargo was lifted, Jihadi Judd was killed, got a Buddhist shooter to back down, and negotiated a successful Pacific Rim Trade Agreement. I could go on, but you get my point. 

She confronts Russell Jackson, who doesn’t deny that they’ve been looking for her replacement, making the situation even more cryptic for viewers. He tells her she needs to talk to Dalton. The next day she goes to talk to him and gets pretty defensive about the situation as she should, when Dalton stops her to tell her he’s not firing her. He asks Elizabeth McCord to be his Vice President. She says she’ll have to think about it, but how can you turn down the second most important job in the country? 

Of course, we don’t get to know her final decision in the finale, but it seems like she will take it and next season we will see Bess as the the Vice President of the United States. 

We have to assume the State Department team (Nadine, Blake, Matt, Daisy and Jay) will move with her. At least that’s what we’re hoping for, right? Otherwise, Bess’ first act as Vice President will be saving her team from getting fired by the new Secretary of State, Calvin Hastings. 

Either way, it was a great — and well-deserved — plot twist. It also means that if Dalton wins re-election, we get four more years of the McCords, followed by a potential presidential campaign of her own. 

Now for Stevie. I’ve personally never been a huge Stevie fan and I know other people have felt the same way, but you’ve got to give her credit for handling her engagement like an adult. It was great to see Bess and Henry’s parenting skills in action. 

NEXT: He’s alive!