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Madam Secretary recap: The Long Shot

The United States is 30 days away from World War III.

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Sarah Shatz/CBS

Madam Secretary

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Tea Leoni, Geoffrey Arend, Tim Daly

“Anton Gorev becoming President of Russia might mean the difference between peace and World War III.”

This one phrase offered hope to the United States — until it didn’t. I have to be honest before I dive into this recap. I thought this week was going to be a filler episode, where a whole bunch of information was dumped on us, with very little action. I was very wrong. After tonight’s episode and the sudden death of Anton Gorev, it seems that the United States is about to be in another world war.

Last week’s photo scandal with Stevie is well in the past and the focus has shifted back to Russia and Ukraine. In case you forgot, President Ostrov died and his wife (who turned out to be way more evil than anyone thought) made a power play to take over control of Russia. In episode 3, “The Rusalka,” Maria Ostrov planted evidence to make it seem like America and Anton Gorev were conspiring against Russia, forcing Gorev to flee to London, where the new episode picks up.

Anton Gorev is now in London, and the episode begins with him attempting to get sanctions lifted so he can have access to his funds, return to Russia, and run against Maria Ostrov for the presidency. He enlists Elizabeth McCord to help him make a deal with Britain, because in truth, the only way to stop a war is for Gorev to win. Since Maria has called for a special election, they have 30 days to set a plan in order for Gorev to win. While Maria may have the generals on her side, Gorev tells Bess that the high-ranking officials and billionaires want peace and he can use them to win.

Bess makes a deal with the UK that instead of them lifting the sanctions on Gorev, he can sell his UK properties for cash and get the money that way. She presents the plan to POTUS and Craig Sterling and they’re upset that the US is getting nothing out of the deal, so they agree to help only if Gorev spills some secrets to the American government, which of course, he’s not going to do.

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Meanwhile, General Doroshevich is back in town and Henry advises Dmitri to attend an event at the Russian Embassy. His assignment? To listen around for any information about Maria Ostrov’s upcoming plans. As it turns out, the General pretty much confirmed the first order of business is attacking Ukraine with one very simple quote: “Russia without Ukraine is a country. Russia with Ukraine is an empire.” Dmitri then overhears that Maria Ostrov is bringing Olga, Gorev’s daughter to the Russian Embassy for a few weeks. Undoubtedly to use her as leverage in the election. He relays the information to Henry who ends up saving Olga’s life and bringing her to stay with the McCords for a while.

This episode brought a very important change for Dmitri and Henry’s relationship. Dmitri has realized that helping the US in this situation is for the best and will probably end up saving lives. It was one of those “this is the start of a beautiful friendship” moments between the pair and personally my favorite part of the episode.

Elizabeth receives important information from Gorev (which I will go into detail about in a bit) and he gets the money he needs to return home. Before he can even leave his room in the UK, he is shot and killed, causing me to say out loud: Uh, what the hell just happened?!

The death of Anton Gorev means that Maria Ostrov is one step closer to becoming the Russian President and it’s back to the drawing board for Bess and her team. Craig Sterling may get his war after all.

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