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Madam Secretary recap: Unity Mode

Someone important died in the explosion

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Madam Secretary

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Tea Leoni, Geoffrey Arend, Tim Daly

Madam Secretary welcomes viewers back with an explosion and two major deaths and they give us pretty much all the answers we need before the opening credits roll. 

Let me start with a brief recap of how the show ended before the hiatus. After finding out that Maria Ostrov killed her husband, Bess and Dalton use the information to leverage a peace deal with the Russian leader. In the process they gave up Dmitri’s name and signed a deal. As they were leaving the peace talks, a man fired an explosive, leaving us all to wonder, who’s going to die? 

Ding dong, the witch is dead. 

We’ve been waiting for Maria Ostrov to be murdered for months now and somehow, they chose the one time we don’t want her dead to be killed. Thanks, Lori and Barbara!

Bess and Dalton manage to get out of the explosion unharmed and soon learn that a Ukrainian nationalist group led by a man named Olek Zelinski was taking responsibility for her death. Why is it that every time the US tries to fix something or help Ukraine, they always manage to do something super annoying to mess it all up? I understand the politics of why they need to stand by Ukraine, but it’s pretty infuriating. At this point they don’t believe the Ukraine government is involved with the attack, but knowing Bozek and the threats Foreign Minister Melnik made, I wouldn’t be too surprised. 

Elizabeth tries to convince General Doroshevich to honor the peace deal that Maria signed before her death, but he tells her after they mourn their loss (three days’ time), they will strike back against Ukraine. 

Bess stops Melnik’s plane in Switzerland and has an even less successful conversation with him about the attack. He claims the Ukrainian government had nothing to do with it and they have no idea where Zelinski is hiding. Bess basically tells him to get off his ass, find Zelinski, and turn him over to Russia before the war resumes. She also casually threatens terrorism charges for hacking Air Force One if he doesn’t get on board with the plan. Go, Bess! 

Meanwhile, as you can imagine, Henry is having a rough time dealing with Dmitri’s capture. In an attempt to keep his word to Dmitri he tries to convince his sister to go to America where she can stay safe, but she declines. 

Now for the worst news of the episode: The DIA confirms that Dmitri is dead. 

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Seriously? Maybe I’m in a state of denial, but I am not 100 percent convinced that he’s gone. It seemed so fast and they built him up to be a major character and we don’t even get to see him one last time? Something seems off with the way that went down. 

Clearly Henry doesn’t handle the news well and we see him struggle with it throughout the episode. In the end, he quits the DIA, which is probably a smart move. While he’s good at being a handler and his instincts are obviously good when it comes to people, he did get too close to Dmitri and the situation. That’s one of Henry’s best qualities despite it being bad for the DIA, and I don’t want to see the best parts of Henry change over a job that kind of sucks. 

The US finds Zelinski before Ukraine does (because apparently they can’t do anything on their own) and lose six war heroes in the process. They give Zelinski to Ukraine and instruct them hand him over to Russia to prove they weren’t involved with the attack, hopefully salvaging the peace deal. Melnik reluctantly agrees after Bess threatened to pull US advisers out of Ukraine. 

On top of all the drama surrounding Maria Ostrov’s death, Bess also has to attempt to make a deal between China and Russia. As if her job weren’t hard enough, right?

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