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Mad Men recap: 'For Immediate Release'

It’s Mother’s Day in 1968 and Matthew Weiner delivers another game-changer

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Mad Men 606 Recap
Michael Yarish/AMC

Mad Men

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Jon Hamm, John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss

Hello. I’m filling in for the mighty Keith this week so please be kind. Like Peggy, I’m just trying to keep up.

We open with a banker-y looking fellow crunching some numbers with a dressed down Cooper, Pete and Joan — who has let her hair down for what is obviously some kind of clandestine meeting. “I’m sorry this is taking so long,” Banker McMoneyman says. “It’s a common mistake to not ask questions when you want something because you’re afraid of the answers.” And hel-lo: here we are in the opening minutes of this week’s episode and it’s like Matthew Weiner is shouting something very significant right to us! (Also, I believe this statement to be very much true.)

But veering off the philosophical for a second, we learn that SDCP is considering taking the company public — and here is where I will disclose I am absolutely the wrong person to explain what this exactly means except that Bank-y guy says it will be nine dollars a share (my handy inflation calculator puts this amount into modern monetary means of around $58) and Bert wants twelve. We also learn that Don doesn’t know about this yet (hmmm) and that everyone stands to make a million dollars which in 2013 money is a gazillion, basically.

Banky says he needs more time with the documents and that he’ll get back in 24 hours. “These papers are spotless, my compliments to the chef,” he says, leering at Joan. After Bert escorts him out, Pete — ever the charmer — comments to Joan, “It’s a marvel: Everyone wants you, don’t they?” And I suppose Pete Campbell being jerky enough to try to cut Joan down to the lowest, crassest level just means he’s staying consistent in character. He’s also not above vaguely hitting on her, commenting on her state of flush, and trying to get her stay for another drink. Joan being the smart cookie we know her to be frets mostly about what Don might think. She reminds Pete that the next day is Mother’s Day. Which is great news ’cause it’s not like anyone on this show has any mommy issues or anything.

Cut to: Roger in bed with a very young, very cute girl with great false eyelashes. We learn that this is Daisy (played by, holy hell, Danielle Panabaker!!?! Will these Disney girls stop at nothing to stamp out their Mouse House squeaky clean image?), a stewardess who is smart enough to wake up before Roger to put “her face on”, and that she works in a first class lounge, and that Roger is using her (in part) for information. Also, her uniform is amazing and short enough that we can see her ’60s-print undies when Roger manipulates her back to bed with, “Don’t go, my Mother just died.” Oh, Roger.

NEXT: So many more underpants