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Last Resort recap: Should I Stay? Should I Go?

Morale on the Colorado reaches a homicidal low, while Julian goes on a mineral hunt

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Mario Perez/ABC

Last Resort

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It’s been a confusing week for the crew of the Colorado. They were fired upon by their fellow Americans. Their captain took over a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. They shot a nuclear missile over the skies of our nation’s capitol. The Russians attacked. A local island kingpin killed one of their crewmates. So it’s fair to say that morale is not at an all-time high. Chaplin still insists on routine drill sessions, but there’s a definite feeling of mission drift in the lower levels of the Colorado. At one point, the COB basically had to step forward to avoid an all-out riot. Unfortunately, the COB’s whole purpose in life is to drag the entire command crew of the Colorado — not exactly the most inspiring rallying cry. Things only got worse when the government officially charged Chaplin and Kendal with treason and terrorism.

So Chaplin decided to give everyone a choice. He set up two lists down in the mess hall. One said “Stay,” and one said “Go.” The “Go” list was looking like the popular choice. Kendal was not happy about the list. But he’s a good XO. He met with Seaman Cortez and told her that her vote was very valuable. See, Cortez is in charge of the female complement onboard the Colorado — which essentially makes her a valuable lobbyist for the entire female gender. If she could get all her ladies’ names on the “Stay” list, then maybe the boys would stay. (The precise reason for this was left in the air: Would the boys be ashamed that the ladies had more brass than them? Or would they be attracted by the possibility of a season-2 love interest?) Cortez grinned and said that Chaplin would have the female vote. This, I think, is the stuff I enjoy the most about Last Resort: The idea that the little civilization on Chaplin Island is already forming up into different groups, all of them important to maintaining order.

Order quickly descended into chaos, however, when Chaplin barely survived an assassination attempt in the middle of town. One of his own sailors had fired upon him, acting on orders from “a higher authority.” A kill order had gotten through to the sailors on the Colorado straight from the desk of the Secretary of Defense. Kendal suggested that Chaplin hole up in NATO HQ, in a bullet-proof room with no windows and no doors. Chaplin announced his intention to stage the daily drill regardless, even though any member of his crew could feasibly put a bullet in his brain.

Over at the local watering hole, James has his own daily drill: Testing just how long it takes him to go from “hungover” to “blackout drunk.” This routine was interrupted when the injured SEAL in the hospital woke up in desperate need of morphine. Unfortunately, all the hospital supplies were stolen by Mayor Julian. Julian is probably my favorite character on the show at this point. He’s a man with clear motivations — power and more power — but he isn’t so driven by ambition that he can’t enjoy the simpler things in life. Fine wine. Beautiful women. A weepy video made by Kendal, intended for his Angelic Blonde Wife. Rare earth minerals, the kind used in the creation of cell phones and advances weapons systems. He sent Sophie out on a fact-finding mission in pursuit of the latter; meanwhile, he stayed back in his house with some ladyfriends and soaked in Kendal’s lovelorn tears and poured himself another champagne. At that point, James and his SEAL buddy showed up and made it clear that they wanted some morphine. At gunpoint.

Meanwhile, back in America, Christine has been living through the Kafkaesque hell of crossing the American government. Sam’s salary has been canceled on account of treason. She has no income. Her mother is ill. It’s fair to say that she’s fallen from the upper middle class straight into the lower echelon. Her skeevy, secretly-evil attorney friend gave her $270 and a hug. But Christine ran outside with a baseball bat and, in full view of the cameras, demolished the windows of a Shady Government Car that had been lurking outside. “I want the truth!” Christine announced to the media. “And you should, too!”

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