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Kingdom recap: Smoker

Alvey accepts his demons while Jay confronts Christina about hers.

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We need to talk about Jonathan Tucker. From the pilot, Tucker’s performance as Jay Kulina has been nothing short of mesmerizing, but at this point, he’s downright unreal. I haven’t written specifically about it, because honestly, it’s hard to find words to describe the way he fully embraces this character. Every mannerism, every look, means something, making it impossible to look away. 

This episode just happened to be a perfect balance of the happy-go-lucky Jay and the beaten down, despondent Jay. And that gives Tucker the opportunity to take this character and make him both hilarious and heartbreaking. But more than anything else, he makes him magnetic. Tucker is the very definition of a scene-stealer, and that’s saying a lot considering that he’s surrounded by phenomenal performances from his fellow cast members.

Okay, I’m done. We can recap now.

“Half of me’s a criminal, the other half … just hasn’t gotten caught.” —Alvey 

That line is so significant in Alvey’s journey as a man. Back in therapy  — or as he prefers to describe it, back to seeing his “guy” — he’s finally realized what we’ve known all along: He’s not going to change. He isn’t suddenly going to become the perfect partner for Lisa or the perfect father. Instead, Alvey’s convinced he’s going to die alone, because that’s just the way it goes. (And it’s safe to say he won’t be making more investments with Sean Chapas either.)

Meanwhile, Nate is making his way home from a guy’s house (!!!) to sleep away the day and throw himself a pity party because his dad ended his fight. In other words, he’s coping.

From there, we head to the gym, where Lisa is making an appointment with her doctor for some cramps, and Jay is getting Alicia prepped for her (non-sanctioned) fight day with some breakfast and an early morning massage. It’s here that we find out that her last fight was seven months ago. And it ended with her competitor putting her to sleep. Yeah, it’s not great. 

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Taking me back to the pilot, Alvey makes his way through the gym giving tips to everyone he sees as he goes, his years of experience informing his confidence, his every glance. He lands at Lisa’s office, where he delivers her mail, and she quickly strikes down his idea that they should attend therapy together. Instead, she asks him to focus on getting Alicia ready while she deals with the baby and the doctors. 

With that, Alvey turns his attention to Alicia, sending Ryan into a fit. How come Alicia gets an entire night dedicated to her? Why is Alvey focusing solely on her? Jay attempts to bring Ryan down a peg by calling him a needy little b—h, but Ryan’s well aware of what he is. He just thinks Alvey should know how to manage that by now.

Getting their mind off of their lack of attention, Jay and Ryan decide to give themselves a “nice little Saturday.” And because they can’t go to Cuba, the next best thing is having a pool party at Jay’s house. 

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