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Kingdom recap: Pink At Night

The battle is on for which Kulina is having the worst day.

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Justin Lubin/DirecTV


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Joe Stevenson, Frank Grillo, Juan Archuleta, Nick Jonas
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“Fighters fight.” Jay has uttered those words more than once, and this episode proved that he wasn’t just talking about life inside the cage. Fighters fight their way through life … especially when they’re forced to, which is where we find Alicia at the start of this week’s episode.

Sleeping alone in her car, Alicia is woken up by two men trying to break in, and when one busts open a window, she stabs him with her handy butcher’s knife and gives the other one a few left jabs to the face. So yeah, fighters fight. However, I wish this particular fighter would follow her fight with a bit of flight, because why is she still hanging out in the place where she was just attacked?! Move, woman!

Eventually, she does move and finds her way into the gym, where it takes Alvey about two seconds to figure out that she’s been living out of her car. Having done it himself, he knows how dangerous it can be, so as an alternative, he gives her a key to the gym so that she can crash there. (And surely she can’t do more damage than that one time Ryan pissed in his cage.)

Also at the gym is Keith, because all of my dreams are coming true. In one of my favorite moments, Ryan breaks down the rules of the gym to Keith, and when he gets to the “don’t walk on the mats with your shoes on” bit, Keith responds, “Sounds like Japan.” Yes.

Now “working” as Ryan’s assistant, Keith is finding a purpose, and it involves a feud with Shelby that I could not love more. It also involves Keith’s introduction to Alvey, which is quick and beautiful, and I could literally talk about this all day. 

Instead, let’s talk about what’s actually happening at the gym: Lisa and Alvey have managed to find the next fights for both Ryan and Jay. And the good news is that it looks like Jay is going to get his title fight … once he manages to drop the necessary amount of weight. 

Although losing weight is only one of Jay’s current problems considering that his girlfriend is lying to him about spending time with her ex, Paul. Oh, and he rear-ended Paul’s car this morning. Let’s just say that Jay is losing his mind a little bit, and it’s no secret that the whole starving-himself thing is only amplifying his freak-out. 

Also amplifying his freak-out is what Paul says when Jay interrupts him during his work day and asks him to give Laura some space. Bringing up Laura’s fear of poverty, Paul explains that he spent the past two weeks trying to track down Laura’s family. Furthermore, he spent last night sitting up with her while she cried about how Paul didn’t want to marry her. So yeah, maybe Jay’s justified in his freak-out.

However, Laura doesn’t see it that way. Instead, she decides to one-up Jay in the freak-out arena, showing up at his house in the middle of the night and screaming about how he’s ruining her life. She only calms down when Paul’s sister calls her and tells her that her dream life isn’t out of reach just yet. So leaving Jay behind, she chooses to go to Paul, telling Jay that they shouldn’t talk anymore. Once again, our beloved Jay is abandoned by a woman he loves. Let’s just hope that his upcoming fight will force him to keep his head on straight.

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