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'Kingdom' recap: 'Happy Hour'

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If Kingdom had an alternate title, it’d have to be “F— ’em all.” And that’s only one reason why I love this show so much. 

We start this week with a little glimpse into Alicia’s life, which as you can expect, isn’t perfect. It’s evident that she’s sleeping in her car, showing up at the gym every morning at 6 a.m. to work. But you have to give it to her: All her hard work is paying off. After all, it takes a lot to catch Alvey’s eye, and that’s exactly what she manages to do. 

Finally taking notice of the gym’s newest fighter, Alvey gets in the cage and moves around with Alicia, who doesn’t do great under pressure. Sure, it’s mostly pressure that she’s putting on herself, but you can’t really blame a girl for being intimidated by Alvey. Although, it’s when Alvey asks Jay to move around with Alicia that we get my favorite line of the night. After Jay says something about Alicia having a nine iron with a baseball bat, or some very Jay thing, Alvey responds, “I don’t know what he says, but he’s right.” And that about sums Jay up.

Speaking of Jay, he’s mid-starvation as he begins his journey to lose 30 pounds, which leaves him a little more emotional than usual…and considering that usually Jay’s very emotional, this only makes things worse. Feeling very insecure about his relationship with Laura, Jay discovers that Laura is still living in her ex’s house. His name is Paul. They’ve lived together for five years. The house is his. And no, they’re not sleeping together.

But naturally, Jay doesn’t fully believe that. And after Jay gets a female’s perspective from Alicia, well, he’s pretty convinced that no man would allow a woman to live at his house without getting something in exchange. My favorite Jay line of the night? Him thanking Alicia for her candor by saying, “I’m both embarrassed and illuminated.” Seriously, find me a better character on TV right now.

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Returning to Laura’s Paul’s house, Jay continues his “sexual awakening” with Laura, but that comes to a quick end when he accuses her of texting Paul and asks to see her phone. In a truly magnificent scene from Jonathan Tucker, Laura confronts Jay about his abandonment issues and how he never got therapy. Naturally, that ends with Jay once again accusing Laura of sleeping with Paul, an accusation that leaves him a very emotional and jealous man when Laura asks him to leave. 

So while Jay could be losing his lady love, Alvey’s doing alright with his. This episode begins with Lisa discovering Alvey’s response to blogger Mario Goldsmith, which contains this gem: “Jesus Christ himself wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire while holding the Virgin Mary.” No wonder Alvey, your king, Kulina went viral.

Okay, so maybe he and Lisa don’t start out on the very best of terms when she tells him that he’s a father, a business owner, and when he says, “I was drunk,” she responds, “Yeah, you’re one of those too.” It’s harsh. But she speaks the truth.

NEXT: Nate takes a fight


Leaving Alvey behind, she then spends the day trying to find a sponsor for Ryan when she instead might’ve just found a sponsor for Alicia. As for Alvey, well, he’s dealing with Alicia, apologizing to Mario Goldsmith, and, of course, handling Nate, who decides to run off on his own and take a fight with a shady promoter.

One week from now, Nate will be fighting in Fresno, and Alvey is pissed. But it seems like Nate is really sticking up for himself on this one, no matter how dangerous his decision might be. And when he threatens to walk out of the gym, Alvey has no choice but to help him, at least for now.

At the end of the day, after Lisa tells Alicia that she’s going to start trying to find her a fight, Alicia gives us major hint No. 2 that she’s sleeping in her car: her lack of desire to go home, which manifests itself in her asking Alvey if he wants to grab a drink. He responds by telling her “let’s not.” (Hey, look at Alvey making the right decision.)

Instead, Alvey goes home to Lisa, updates her on the situation with Nate, and decides to never again read any type of blog. As for his relationship with Lisa, well, she not only wants to have a glass of wine, but she also wants to have sex. As she tells him, “Don’t be a gentleman; you’re not going to hurt me,” With that, Alvey gladly throws a bottle of wine over his shoulder and follows her to the bedroom.

Speaking of bedrooms, Christina finds herself slipping into her old ways after she has a rather awful day at work. Not only does she get a paycheck for less than $500 for two weeks of work, but Terry shows up and asks her not to mention his name if the cops come calling. 

So after she’s good and traumatized, Christina once again heads to a bar, only this time, she goes through with it, following a man up to a hotel room and making a pretty good chunk of money. Is this the beginning of a major slip for her? I guess we’ll see.

So while Christina rekindles her past, Ryan does a bit of the same by spending the episode looking after — read: drinking with — his father. Dear old dad hasn’t had liquor in far too long, and when he asks Ryan for a drink, Ryan knows he can’t say no. So instead, the two of them get absolutely hammered and pass out. 

By the time Ryan wakes up — to a few texts from Alicia asking where he is —we get a great montage of Ryan, Jay, and Christina all sort of returning to their former selves. Ryan is literally digging through a box of his old fighting stuff to find something to run in. Then there’s Jay, once again all alone. And Christina, hiding her hooker money from her boys.

We end the episode with confirmation that Alicia lives in her car, along with confirmation that no amount of booze can help Ryan’s father with what he’s dealing with. When Ryan returns from his run to find that his father’s thrown up on himself, his dad tells him that putting down an animal is seen as an act of human kindness. He doesn’t finish the thought, but it’s evident where he’s going. He then tells Ryan that he doesn’t want Ryan’s mom to come by anymore. His final words: “It’s enough.”

Once again, Kingdom delivers an hour of drama, comedy, and, above all else, fascinating individuals. “It’s enough” are two words I’m not sure I’ll ever say about this show.