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Kingdom recap: Do Not Disturb

Christina returns home just as Alvey gets a new love interest

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Justin Lubin


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Joe Stevenson, Frank Grillo, Juan Archuleta, Nick Jonas
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In the first episode of season 2B, Jay sat at a press conference and gave a sarcastic speech about how blessed he was just to be able to get in the cage with Ryan Wheeler, and how once it was all said and done, he would thank Ryan for the opportunity and return to the humble life to which he has become accustomed. But the reality Jay now has to face is that despite winning the fight and upsetting the champ, his humble life might not have changed one bit. 

However, that reality hasn’t set in at the beginning of this week’s episode. While Nate picks up Christina from rehab and takes her home, Jay is enjoying a life of sex, drugs, and room service in Ava’s hotel suite. They’re enjoying it so much, in fact, that she books it for one more night. These two will do whatever they can to draw out the high, knowing that what waits for them outside those hotel walls is a life full of lows.

Currently experiencing one of those lows? Alvey, who’s meeting with Garo’s lawyer, Foxy Roxy, to find out what his next move should be with his lawsuit. The bad news is Roxanne advises him to settle. (Oh, and she charges $650 an hour.) The good news is she agrees to go out on a date with Alvey, despite the fact he’s the kind of guy who let his insurance lapse.

From Roxanne’s office, Alvey heads back to the gym, where Alicia is accosted by a couple guys from Ociatomic, some unknown athletic apparel company. They offer her $2,000 to model their clothes for a couple of pictures. She tells them she’ll think about it, but as soon as she puts on those god-awful yellow workout pants, Alvey shuts it down. Not only are the pants giving him a headache, but he tells her it’s a sketchy situation. Plus, she’s got other things to worry about, such as an upcoming fight. It seems Garo’s interested.

Bringing Christina home, Nate asks about Jason. Christina says he was arrested and will likely lose his license (and his wife). But as for her, she’s not looking to press charges. Much in the way Nate didn’t want to press charges against his attackers in season 1, Christina is ready to move forward. Proof? When Nate leaves her alone in the house, she finds her old heroin stash and flushes it down the toilet. 

Meanwhile, Nate heads to the gym, where he runs into Will, Bob’s hot assistant. He’s once again trying to get Nate to accept another $10,000 in exchange for the promise that he’ll never hear from Bob again. Nate finally gives in, but the money’s not the best part. Inside the envelope, Will has left his business card with an invitation to dinner. 

When Alvey enters Nate’s office moments later, Nate quickly hides the money before informing his father he’s been cleared to fight. It’s official: Nate is fully healed. And it’s perfect timing, considering Alvey just got a call about him. With that, Alvey promises his youngest son he’ll look into the fight and lock it in if it’s a good match.

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But for now, Alvey has to get to therapy, where he goes from having a “good day” to having to address his alcoholism. When his therapist asks about his drinking, Alvey gives us a glimpse into his childhood, where he lived with a “vicious” father who drank a fifth of vodka every day and couldn’t hold down a job. As for Alvey, he doesn’t consider alcohol his problem — he considers it his relief. And when he mentions his upcoming date, his therapist points out his tendency to reach for external coping mechanisms in times of pain — alcohol, women, fighting. But as Alvey puts it, “Isn’t that how f–king people live?”

At the end of the day, Alvey’s just a man doing the best he can. After all, he has people who rely on him — like Ryan, who’s spending his day ignoring Mario Goldsmith’s phone calls, at least until Keith gets back from his all-too-quick run. As Ryan’s assistant, Keith takes it upon himself to answer the phone and put Ryan in touch with Mario, despite Ryan’s wishes. But because these two are the best, Ryan decides not to fire Keith…yet.

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