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Justified recap: Head for the Hills

The hunt for Drew Thompson momentarily unites Raylan and Boyd, who decide the best man will win (so Wynn Duffy?)

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Are there Team Raylan and Team Boyd T-shirts and mugs? Because after this episode, the battle lines have officially been drawn (again). Though this being Justified, we suspect they’ll curve (again).

We opened with Colton pulling out his military police badge and a story about Ellen May being AWOL so the gas station attendant would let him look at the surveillance camera footage. He saw a police car roll up. Not good. The next morning, Winona pulled up for a doctor’s appointment, and we found out that Raylan has missed her last two visits and hasn’t been reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting. They’re in a good place though, meaning he’s happy to be on the Drew Thompson case and she knows, judging from the bruise on his forehead, that she made the right call to leave him. He assured her he’ll be there for her and the baby — just not today. He had to get to the office: Arlo was brought in.

The Marshals have taken over the Drew Thompson case from the FBI following Agent Barnes’ suicide, and our old buddy Vasquez wants to make a deal: Arlo hands over Drew Thompson, who can bring down Theo Tonin, and he walks. Raylan, thinking of Trooper Tom (RIP), wasn’t pleased, but with Washington needing to approve Arlo’s deal, he has about 24 hours to find Drew himself if he wants his daddy to die in prison. Off to Harlan he went.

Meanwhile, Wynn was getting frisked on his Winnebago, which can only mean that someone above him was about to step inside. Meet Nick Augustine (Mike O’Malley), Theo Tonin’s righthand man. Turns out he knows Agent Barkley, the FBI guy who just had to give up his Drew Thompson files to the Marshals. They grew up together in the projects, and Barkley’s had his back for years (probably since he was dirty in Bird on a Wire). Still, Nick doesn’t understand how Barkley missed that Drew Thompson is still alive, and Theo’s mad enough that he’s talkin’ to the ear. Barkley said he’d make sure he was the first one through the door when Drew was found and say he killed him in self-defense, but Theo wants Drew alive. Reveal time: Drew shot Theo in the eye on a runway in Panama and left him for dead when he escaped with $2 million in cocaine.

Wynn piped up that he knows the Crowders and Arlo and could be of assistance, but Barkley insisted he could take care of it for $250,000. Nick suspected he was just going to take the money and run because he heard the FBI doesn’t even have the case anymore. Nick took out a gun and shot his old friend right in the head. Blood splattered on the blinds behind him and on Wynn’s face, which didn’t even flinch. God, I love him. Nick officially asked Wynn to find Drew Thompson. If Wynn Duffy doesn’t make it through this season, I hope he dies an epic death (and then stars in a short Weekend at Bernie’s parody with Dewey Crowe and Dickie Bennett). But I’m betting on Wynn to make it. He’s a well-dressed cockroach.

After Colton went to see Shelby, who denied that his deputies had picked up Ellen May, we caught up with Boyd as he was preparing for Wynn’s arrival at the bar. Johnny was understandably nervous, considering he thinks he has a deal with Wynn to help kill Boyd. Colton arrived first, and Boyd grilled him about where he buried Ellen May, what her last words were, and why he wasn’t answering his cell all night. “Next time I reach out to you, I don’t care if it’s a smiley face, you text me back,” Boyd said. “Now stand over by that bar and look mean.” Wynn was there.

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