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Justified recap: Goin' Home

As Raylan hunts Randall and Lindsey, Ava and Boyd make a decision about Ellen May

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Jenn Lyon
Prashant Gupta/FX

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“I’m thinkin’ you should have seen this coming.” Those are the first words spoken in this hour, by Rachel regarding Lindsey having run off with Raylan’s money. She’s right, of course, but what’s fun about this episode — besides Raylan’s ultimate showdown with Randall and Lindsey when he found them — is how it ended. We thought we knew exactly what was going to happen to Ellen May after Colton got the call from Ava to kill her instead of taking her to the bus station. Told that Ava had changed her mind and said she could come back to work, Ellen May was supposed to keep gazing out that truck window, with the wind blowing in her hair and that peaceful, relieved look on her face after she said “Feels good… goin’ home.” The screen was supposed to fade to black, and we were to assume that Colton had shot her and contemplate the beautiful double meaning of her last words. (The recently baptized Ellen May was going home to God.) In our weekly postmortem with showrunner Graham Yost, he says they thought about killing Ellen May and wanted us to think that’s where the story was headed. But surprise: Ellen May lived. And now we have a new mystery: Who took her and why?

My theories:

1. Johnny/Wynn’s men. Johnny could have overheard what was happening to Ava and decided to save her to use in his plan to take down Boyd. She could be good bait to get Boyd to a meet, where someone could plan on killing Boyd. This is what I’d bet on.

2. Cassie. If she’s smart, she would have realized that Shelby was questioning her to find out what Ellen May told Billy and/or her about Boyd’s business, which means Ellen May knows something about Boyd that could be damaging. Perhaps Cassie had a change of heart and doesn’t want to leave judgment to God.

3. Shelby’s officers. Shelby, who wants Boyd off his back, could have put a tail on Ellen May hoping she’ll spill to him what Boyd and Ava were afraid she said to Billy and Cassie and had deputies intercept her. It’s a reach, I know.

The only tease we could get out of Yost was that it’s not aliens.

Let’s go back to the start.

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