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'Jane the Virgin' fashion recap: 'Chapter 50'

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Michael Desmond/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
Telenovela, Drama, Comedy

Jane the Virgin picks up right where it left off last week: With a surprise visit from Jane’s cousin, Catalina (Sofia Pernas), with whom she had recently come in contact online. Catalina certainly spices things up, with her wardrobe and attitude alike, as she encourages Jane to be bold AND flirts with Rafael. Alba even comes around, agreeing to meet with her and dressing for the occasion, but the evening ends up taking a very bad turn. Also spicy tonight — besides Catalina — are Rogelio’s lingering feelings for Xo and Xo’s lingering feelings for another old flame, Bruce. Cue the drama! Now, let’s dive in…


Jane’s adviser, Marlene, recommends her for an assistant job at a publishing company and Catalina encourages her to go into the meeting with confidence. You know, just act like you know what’s going on, because you’ll pick things up on the job — that sort of thing. Jane certainly appears confident as she walks into the office wearing a long white dress and blazer; she looks business appropriate, but cool-girl chic. That confidence carries over to the interview, too, where she makes a joke about how she got to a hugging basis with Marlene. But she takes it a step too far when she lies about her knowledge of a computer program and is tested on the spot. More specifically, she deletes a file her potential boss — played by Kelly Rutherford, a.k.a. Serena’s mom on Gossip Girl! — had been working on. So that didn’t go well, but Catalina encourages Jane to text the assistant, Alice, and maybe get an in with her. Michael isn’t supportive, and it’s the first of a few instances he doesn’t see eye to eye with Jane’s newly discovered family member who is, by the way, crashing with them for a few days in their new place.


Xo starts making moves to open her dance school and Rogelio wants to help, but she’s wary of his offer because she doesn’t want him to be too creatively involved and take over. Throughout the process, they keep making all these inside jokes about dance, and those jokes are revealed to be references to when Rogelio signed up for his high-school dance troupe. Believing he was just in it to meet girls, Xo suggested they have a dance-off. That’s exactly what goes down, and it’s awesome not only because of their moves, but also because Xo is totally dated with her overalls and big scrunchie, while Rogelio looks like a miniature version of himself with a crisp, white button-down and purple tie. (Which begs the question, when exactly did purple become his signature color? These are the questions that keep Jane fans up at night…)

Back in present day, Xo accepts Rogelio’s help with the studio. As she’s signing the papers, she sees an ex, Bruce, is working nearby and he SUCKS. He was married while he was seeing Xo, then said he’d get divorced — but that didn’t happen, of course. Eventually, and seemingly after far too long, Xo left. She’s having a hard time with him working so close to the studio because she never got to tell him off for treating her the way he did. Xo finally does just that: After encouragement from Rogelio, with whom she has another dance-off and also basically friend-zones, she confronts Bruce and finds out he’s now divorced after all. Later in the episode, Rogelio sees them making out. It’s sad, as he was once again dealing with feelings for her, but seeing Xo with Bruce seems to be just the push he needs to remind himself they won’t work. He wants kids and she doesn’t, and it inspires story lines in his telenovela. Then again, who knows? Xo and Ro seem good for each other otherwise…

NEXT: Alba dresses to impress, while Catalina undresses for, well, something else…



Catalina continues to stir things up when she comes to meet Jane, who was planning on getting back to Michael and Mateo to celebrate their recent move into their new home. Instead, Catalina suggests they go for a post-work drink. Rafael soon invites himself, and what starts as one drink turns into many…and what starts as Catalina’s cute girls’ night outfit — complete with a sexy, cold-shoulder top and patterned skirt — basically morphs into a date outfit. She and Rafael hit it off and it’s totally weird for Jane, who’s still in her work dress. Her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy is totally vibing with her cousin, whom she just recently came to know and befriend. Jane ends up going home to Michael and Mateo without Catalina; Rafael says Catalina would be third-wheeling, but we all know that’s not the real reason he wants Catalina to stay behind.

More on that on the next page, but first, the flirting proves to be a nice distraction for Rafael, who still has Petra — fashion-recap honorable mention to her power wardrobe — forcing him out of the Marbella. She soon seeks Rafael’s help, however, when Scott sues her for sexual harassment after she told him they will never get back together. Rafael wants his hotel shares back in exchange for helping her, but she says she’ll just buy Scott out.

Scott doesn’t want to be bought out, though, so Petra is forced to meet Rafael’s demands. In the end, it’s revealed Rafael had been working with Scott and now owes him a favor. (What will it be?)


Alba feels like there’s distance between her and Jane, so she agrees to meet Catalina to help bring them back together. Everything is going really well, and Alba is actually so charmed by Catalina. That is, until Catalina tells a story about the night Alba met her husband, Mateo, and says her abuela basically liked him first. Alba is having NONE of it — bet she regrets dressing up in her cute cardigan, which Xo joked was her fourth outfit change of the night — and says that’s not true AND that Catalina’s arepas are dry (coming from Alba, that’s a pretty big diss). Alba later tells Jane she didn’t know her sister was in love with Mateo first, and Jane believes her. Finally, they seem to be back to normal with no distance between them.


Jane ended up telling Rafael he wasn’t comfortable with him seeing Catalina, which Rafael doesn’t take well — and neither does Michael, mostly because Jane won’t admit her dislike for the situation springs from jealousy. At an event to which Alice invited Jane, Jane finally reveals to Michael that she is jealous, but about how spontaneous and fun Catalina is and not her budding romantic relationship with Rafael. Michael considers that a challenge and takes to the karaoke stage to sing Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven,” where he’s soon joined by Jane. Together, they impress Alice by showing her how fun they are, hopefully helping her with the job situation. They continue their streak with by getting a cat, Faith M. Whiskers III — fashion-recap honorable mention to that collar.

But there’s more fashion to be had than Faith — as much as I love Faith, and TV cats in general, for that matter — because Jane’s sign-off on the Rafael-Catalina romance quickly leads to a hookup between the pair. The next day, Catalina is seen wearing nothing but a T-shirt, presumably belonging to Rafael. Just as the episode ends, Alba tells Jane she doesn’t trust Catalina, followed by Catalina telling Rafael he’s going to have to wait and see if she’s trouble. Tbh, readers, I think she is, and it’ll be interesting to see if/how it unfolds.

Episode grade: B+