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Jane the Virgin recap: Season 3, Episode 4

Xo dresses for a new job, Rafael dresses for a bad date, and Jane dresses like…a flamingo?

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Tyler Golden/The CW

Jane the Virgin

TV Show
Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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In Season

Jane and Michael are settling into married life, making way for new problems to arise for themselves, their family, and their friends. Namely, Rogelio continues his fight to break his way into American media, taking out writer Amanda Elaine (Jane Seymour) to try and land a part in her book that’s being adapted; Xo is on the job hunt and lands a position as a banker, but absolutely hates it; and the Marbella staffers plan a walkout when Scott abuses his authority. As always with Jane the Virgin, that’s just the tip of the iceberg where drama is concerned, and you can bet wardrobe played a huge role in all of it.

Tyler Golden/The CW

Let’s start with Amanda, whom Rogelio takes to lunch to see what he can do about landing a role as a sexy baker. (Delicious, isn’t it? See what I did there?) Turns out, she’s the sexy one in a fitted, electric-blue, off-the-shoulder dress with a cleavage-showing cutout — and what she wants is for P.Y.T. (pretty young thing) Rafael to be her +1 to a charity event. That’s a blow to Rogelio’s ego, but he’ll do anything for the part. He soon starts buttering up Rafael, and eventually Rafael begrudgingly agrees to go, but his efforts aren’t enough in the end. Amanda tries to seduce Rafael and he’s having none of it, so Rogelio is no longer in consideration. Too bad, but the events lead Rafael and Rogelio to strike up a friendship (Michael says he’s okay with the bromance, but is he really?) and we get to see Rafael looking real dapper for the event (more on that below). 

The CW

After announcing she was going to pursue new job opportunities, Xo lands a position as a banker. Amazing, right? It seems that way when we find her at work, looking very professional in a chic, sleek white blazer, helping a customer seeking to withdraw $5 million from his account. But that’s not all he wants to take out — he asks Xo to join him on his yacht. Yep, we’re in a daydream. In reality, Xo is miserable as she helps an elderly man with some major attitude. She ends up quitting but doesn’t want to tell Alba. She’s forced to, however, when Alba finds her — dressed in another A+ office-appropriate outfit — at the Marbella and offers to take her to work. When they get to the bank, Xo pretends to still work there, but is asked to leave by security. So Xo and Alba have a heart-to-heart and basically acknowledge Jane was the peacemaker… Maybe things are different with her having moved out, but they can still talk through their problems. And talk through, they do. Alba tells Xo she doesn’t want her to stay in a job she hates, and Xo tells Alba she shouldn’t do that, either — so Alba quits her caretaking gig and starts working at the Marbella gift shop she had been frequenting.

The CW

Jane and Michael discover Petra had secretly been helping them out with rent when she suddenly stopped paying, so even after having an unpleasant confrontation with Petra about the needs of the Marbella staff, Jane invites Petra over for dinner. Petra (actually, Anezka) invites Scott along, and though they all look like a happy foursome at the dinner party — donning pretty dresses and nice menswear — they are far from cheerful. When Scott offers Jane the extra $1,000 a month she needs to make rent in exchange for getting the Marbella workers onboard with hotel activities, Jane turns him down and says she can’t be bought. Then she asks Petra if Scott has been blackmailing her, which is a theory Rafael had previously run by Jane. Petra says this judgment is exactly why she wants out of the Marbella, but we all know that’s not the real reason; in actuality, she wanted to sell her shares because her mother’s friend from jail (played by Glee alum Dot-Marie Jones) showed up and told her it was time to finally do the deed, and she had 72 hours to make it happen. YIKES.

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