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Jane the Virgin recap: Season 3, Episode 2

Michael continues to recover, and Jane faces the possibility of him returning to work

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Michael Desmond/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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Last week’s season 3 premiere addressed the major cliffhanger from the season 2 finale, with Michael surviving after being shot by his partner Susanna (a.k.a. Rose). He made it, sure, but there’s still a long road to recovery ahead and issues to be addressed, like whether or not he’ll return to police work and the whole Jane being a married mother, but still a virgin thing. Now out of the hospital and back at Alba’s house — which has been redecorated with horrible, awful wallpaper after the water damage — the show and clothes within it are lighter in tone.

The CW

Following his arrest for giving his urine to help two social media savvy “fans” pass their drug tests, Rogelio makes a PSA. In it, he wears a white suit with a yellow tie and pocket square, perfectly filling the part of a horribly, cheesy spokesperson. “Urine swapping is no joke,” he says. “It’s a federal crime. Make no mistake, if you swap, you’re in big trouble.” (Michael quips, “You mean the PEE-PEE-SA?” It’s so bad, it’s good.) Rogelio is upset because the video went viral and hurt his reputation. On top of that, his rival Esteban is featured in a “What’s In My Murse?” story, which Rogelio takes to mean that Esteban is on his way to becoming a crossover star. (What’s in the murse, by the way, are XL condoms, a copy of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, seven almonds, and a vegan smoothie in a mason jar. Sure…) After a pep talk from Michael, Rogelio won’t be defeated and plans to rebound from all this.

The CW

Jane has graced the screen with a number of cute, sweet dresses, and she does so again here as she tries to win over and pin down the right preschool for Mateo. The problem is that her vision of the right school and Rafael’s is different, and Rafael is willing to fight her on that because, he tells her, “I’m finally over you… It actually feels good, really good because it took so long… and it kind of changed things because the truth is when I was in love with you, I just wanted to please you. I would wake up every morning and think ‘What would Jane want?’ ‘What would make Jane happy?’ ‘What would make Jane smile?’ And now, I’m kind of like ‘So what if Jane’s upset?’ No offense.” The first school is a little too religious for Rafael, the second is a little too elitist for Jane, and the last is a little too “hippie-dippie” for both, but they end up going with that last school because they have a knack for conflict resolution — and are accepting of and willing to work through Mateo’s biting phase.

The CW

Jane and Michael haven’t had much time to be newlyweds, so Michael surprises Jane with a mini honeymoon in their room since they didn’t get to go to Puerto Rico as planned. The room is made to appear like a sort of cruise — compliments of Rogelio and his telenovela crew — and Michael fits right in with a Hawaiian shirt, margarita, and killer playlist. “Now I’m thinking the most romantic thing for you might be to listen to my playlist while doing some research on why kids bite,” Michael says, after overhearing Jane tell Xo and Alba that they need to stop fighting (they’re fighting because Xo finally told Alba about the abortion she had, and Alba is VERY upset) in front of Mateo because he’s going through a tantrum and biting phase and she doesn’t want to egg on his aggression.

Their mini honeymoon ends with the pair making up after arguing about whether Michael would return to the force — Jane says she’ll support him if that’s what he really wants to do, which he does — and with them really wanting to take another step in their relationship. “God, this would be a great moment to have sex,” Jane announces, when Michael says they’ll work through their fears about the shooting together. “At this point, it just seems like a big, cosmic joke,” he responds.

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