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March 20, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

Jane the Virgin

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“Relationships change quickly around here, so pay attention, okay,” the narrator says at the beginning of this week’s Jane the Virgin, and he couldn’t be more right because there’s a LOT going on with relationships of all kinds — political, familial, and romantic.

Let’s start with Jane and Petra. They’ve certainly had their issues, and despite being in a better place than they were before the time jump, they still argue. Here, they turn up the heat again as they go head to head for the position of room mom. Petra is the sitting room mom, but Jane wants in when Mateo expresses that he wishes she’d be around more. At first they try to be co-room moms, but they have totally different visions, largely having to do with the ways money is being spent, so it doesn’t work out. That leads to the two of them proposing that they have an election. “The kids can see democracy in action, this time free from Russian intervention,” Jane says when making her case. (You bet there are a ton of election jokes like this.)

They get the go-ahead, and the campaigning begins. For example, Jane tries to get the #SwingSetMoms on her side by promising to fix the cubby hierarchy, while Petra gives out spa gift cards and takes parents to lunch. At that lunch, Jane and Petra go into a full-on debate about the jungle gym — there’s a fantasy sequence and, of course, pantsuits (see main image) — and they end up saying some very hurtful things. Petra says if Jane disciplined Mateo more, she wouldn’t have to pretend her haircut was intentional, as Mateo has cut off a pretty sizable piece of her hair. Jane fired back, saying if Petra disciplined her kids less, they wouldn’t think of her as a dragon, since her daughters had drawn a picture of her as such.

In the end, both decide that they would rather not be room mom. Jane was only making a go for it because Mateo wanted to see her more, but Rogelio gives her a reality check when he says that Mateo is four years old, and if given the choice between having Jane at school more frequently and chocolate, he would choose chocolate. Petra receives a reality check of her own from Rafael, who had planned to abstain. She expresses that Jane makes her feel like a bad mom and that she’s embarrassed that her daughters are afraid of her, but Rafael explains that that’s not the case at all; rather, he had told their kids a story about how Petra is a fierce protector, so that’s where the dragon idea came from. He tells Petra that she’s the only person he knows who could have handled taking care of the kids and hotel while he was away at prison, and she admits that she hates being room mom. They kind of have a moment, but more on that later…

So, on election day Jane announces that there’s clearly a more qualified candidate for room mom and says of Petra, “I’m with her.” (I told you there’s a lot of election humor.) But, as we know, Petra also doesn’t want the role, so she insists that Jane take it. They come clean to each other about where they stand and agree that they want to end their rivalry. What’s more, since neither of them wants the position anymore, they decide Rafael should be the one to fill it, which he does.

NEXT: Let’s turn up the heat and get into the romance!

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