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Jane the Virgin recap: Chapter 29

Rogelio’s future as a telenovela star seems shaky, and Jane misjudges her new friend

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Greg Gayne/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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Oh, Black Friday, when the discounts are steep and tensions run high. That was the setting for “Chapter 29,” where Jane experienced the ups and downs of friendship in a way that totally took her by surprise. Before jumping in, it’s worth noting that while this episode packed with multiple sub-plots, the pacing of the hour seemed pretty slow compared to earlier episodes in the season. More sustainable, yes, and juicier, too, since we got to relish a bit more in the ironies, inside jokes, and unpredictable drama that unfolded during the hour. 

The night kicked off with an adorable flashback to teenage Jane’s first babysitting job, taking care of a spoiled brat in the perfect suburban home of her dreams. Back to the present, Jane and Rafael are having a heart-to-heart over Thanksgiving leftovers about finding a babysitter for Mateo, mostly so they can go on their date. Jane’s reluctant to relinquish control (hey, I’m not judging!) while Rafael is the more open-minded of the pair, talking about extensive interviews, background searches, and nanny cams. Homeboy’s gotta get his somehow, and if a babysitter can help him out…

These two are way deep into their convo (and in the mashed potatoes) when abuelita bursts in with her tennis shoes and tracksuit on. Time to hit Target! Turns out that the Villanueva women take Black Friday shopping very, very seriously and have a set of rules that Rafael has to observe if he’s going to join the fun: No chit-chat, no digging in the bins, and a solemn promise never look in another family member’s cart. With “clear eyes, full carts,” each of them sets off to shop. Jane’s happily scouring aisles, until she spots Michael. It’s totes awkward, and Michael doesn’t help the situation when he says he’s not interested in catching up. (Literally. That’s what he says.) How can he be so cold???

Speaking of cold, Petra is spending her Black Friday by dumping buckets of ice in the bathtub to keep Ivan’s dead body chill. I’d say it’s not your usual mother-daughter bonding activity, but as you know by now, Petra and Magda aren’t your usual mother-daughter duo. That being said, Petra loves having Jane as a friend — you get the sense that it’s the one bit of normalcy she’s had in the whole series to date. Sure, they’ve only been friends for a day, but Petra’s glowing in a way that we’ve never seen from her before, even after post-coital bliss. Ladies, never let anyone tell you different: Girlfriends are good for the soul. She later calls up Jane for a lunch date, and a surprised Jane says yes. Could these two become BFFs? Given that the whole series kicked off with the premise of a crazy artificial insemination, anything is possible. 

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Meanwhile, Rogelio’s decided to take a quick trip to meet with some Mad Men execs in order to sell them on his idea of a Spanish-language reboot. “I’m taking a quick trip to Los Angeles,” he tells Xo, who’s smarting over the fact he hasn’t yet given a song she pitched the network a listen. “Be sure me to follow me on Periscope, Twitter, and Instagram. Or TMZ, I’m sure they’ll be all over me at LAX.” Unfortunately for Rogelio, his pitch about Don Juan Draper selling coke — as in cocaine — didn’t go over well, and he’s out of a job and all of the savings that he blew on his pilot. Looks like Rogelio is going to have to live on a budget (no Hermès scarves, trainers, or smile maintenance) or go work on another telenovela.

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