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Jane the Virgin recap: Chapter 26

Rafael asks for joint custody, while Jane figures out her love life (well, kinda).

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Tyler Golden/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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There’s an emoji for everything, right? There’s one for booty-call texts, another that symbolizes your obsession with burritos, an awesome one to use to describe the high you get when you actually hit the gym, and one for when you’re feeling like a flirty salsa queen. (I mean, how awesome is that last one?) But what’s the emoji for gut punch? That’s the question Jane’s all-knowing narrator posed during “Chapter 26,” an episode that saw Rafael ask Jane for joint custody, while she was simultaneously trying to figure out how to juggle her love life and responsibilities as a mother and best friend to Lina.

The night kicked off with an adorable flashback revealing a peek at Jane and her BFF Lina during their middle school days, when they were young, wore really cheesy-looking outfits, and had synchronized a routine to that revered Nelly classic, “Hot in Herre.” More than 10 years later, their friendship hasn’t really changed — or at least that’s what Jane would like to think. Although Jane may have good intentions, girlfriend’s got a case of mommy brain, which is precisely why she’s totes behind on planning Lina’s 25th birthday party. Oops.

Matters aren’t helped much in the next scene, when Rafael who’s still kind of on the high from their kiss in last week’s episode sits Jane down with a request. “I think we should talk about custody.” 

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Now, I’ve promised myself to say a few nice things about Rafael this episode you know, in the interest of writing recaps that aren’t entirely Team Michael and I think it’s fair to say that Rafael has a point here. He has the legal right to ask for custody, and he seems really earnest about wanting to be a good dad. So why not ask for custody? It’s worth noting that Jane isn’t entirely opposed to the idea, but she doesn’t want lawyers involved for now anyway. How about Rafael take care of Mateo while she’s in school? Done and done. 

Meanwhile, Michael is busy doing the cop thing and has made some progress when it comes to figuring out who this Heidi Von Ocher person really is. She’s a yodeler (so random!), and when Michael proposes bringing her to the hotel for a show so that he can question her, Rafael surprises everyone by being 100 percent into the idea. (See, that’s the second nice thing I’ve written about him in as many paragraphs.)

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