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Jane The Virgin recap: Chapter 25

Jane tries to juggle motherhood and grad school, as Michael follows some seriously bad advice

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Scott Everett White/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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If there’s one thing Jane tThe Virgin viewers have learned by now it’s that Rogelio isn’t good at dispensing advice. He’s good with one-liners and on-screen kisses — not at playing Dr. Phil. That fact is totally lost on Michael this episode, who learned a little too late that taking Rogelio’s advice is kind of like shooting yourself in the foot. But let’s rewind a bit, shall we?

The episode opens with Rafael and Petra at the doctor’s office. Why? ‘Cause Rafael doesn’t believe Petra is really pregnant he needs to get the test results in hand, from his own M.D. But, oh baby: Petra is definitely pregnant, and Rafael is definitely the daddy. Oops. “What were you thinking?” asks Rafael, looking super handsome and incredibly pained. Petra tells him she thought he might be in love with her, explaining “So I just did it.” 

Coming off the heels of this revelation, Rafael is distracted as Jane busily plans Mateo’s baptism. In fact, he’s so distracted/confused/hurt/blindsided that he doesn’t remember that he asked Michael to be the baby’s godfather. However, Michael is totally into the idea, which is why he stops by Jane’s house later that day. Rogelio answers the door, and Rogelio drops a bomb, telling Michael that Jane likes him in super-masculine mode. What does that even mean? It means that Michael should act kind of aloof and cool, although Michael also takes it upon himself to speak at a slightly lower pitch throughout the episode. Okay then. 

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Jane is completely oblivious to this little bromantic scene because she’s just received an acceptance letter to grad school. Now, anyone who’s received an acceptance letter of any sort or even those Bed Bath & Beyond 20 percent off coupons  can identify with Jane in this scene, straight down to her adorable-but-kind-of-dorky happy dance. 


It might be because her own happiness has heightened her awareness of everything going on around her, or maybe it’s her own all-around awesomeness, but in the next scene when she and Rafael are in the parking lot, she notices he’s acting weird. Come on, ‘fess up, Rafael. “It can’t be as weird as the stuff I’m coming up with in my head right now,” says Jane, happily ignorant as to the crazy news she’s about to hear. 

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