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Jane the Virgin recap: Chapter 41

Petra’s twin proves to be a wild card, while Michael’s future takes an unexpected turn

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Michael Desmond/The CW

Jane the Virgin

TV Show
Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
run date:
Gina Rodriguez
The CW
Current Status:
In Season

Thrifty. Cost-conscious. Frugal. You know the type: careful with money and hesitant to overspend. Jane definitely fits this bill (get it?!).

Case in point: When she was little, Jane never spent her piggy bank money and time hasn’t done much to cramp her financial-savvy style. That’s why Jane is hesitant to purchase a new area rug and bedroom fixings for Mateo, although Michael encourages her to press “purchase” on her online cart. They are a two-income household, after all. That is, until a glance at the morning paper reveals that Michael is the headline, the subject of a big investigative report on the Miami PD. This sends Michael into panic-mode, and understandably: The news results in him losing his job.

But someone’s gotta bring in the money, honey! Jane picks up extra shifts at the Marbella, where she agrees to train Anezka in all things waitress-related. Let’s be clear for a moment: Being a waitress takes efficient multitasking, as well as a commitment to the customer’s comfort. At the moment, Anezka has none of what it takes to be good at the job, and that’s a source of a few funny scenes where she’s sneezing into salads and confused over a diner’s refusal to take back his tip. (She thinks he’s accidentally overpaid his check.)

Jane’s not the only one putting in work: Xo is too, eyeing a role as a sexy, Roaring Twenties-era silent movie star-lounge singer on Rogelio’s telenovela. She’s nervous about asking Rogelio for an audition, but lucky for her, he’s a proponent of nepotism. “There’s no need to audition,” he tells her. “The part is yours!”

With the audition nixed, the actual acting part should be easy, right? Not so much, especially when it’s revealed that Xo will have to deliver a line in español. She can’t quite nail it, and Rogelio brushes it off, saying that they will be able to fix her flubs in post. (Spoiler alert: They most definitely can’t.)

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This bothers Dina because she’s not into the idea of letting elements of the show slide. Now, this might ordinarily cause some problems for Rogelio — who’s a self-declared master of the universe type — but this only serves to crank up his passion for Dina. As it is, theirs is a hookup that’s lasted 12 steamy sessions to date. Yeow! Even so, Rogelio is convinced it’s a casual thing until later in the episode, when he tells Xo that they won’t be able to fix her poor acting in post-editing and she brings up the fact that she observed his sex sniff on set. Cue Rogelio’s denial. “Dina is a writer. She wears hoodies and jeans,” he retorts to Xo. “She’s not nearly glamorous or charismatic or TMZ-able enough for me to be with.” Just face it, Rogelio: You’re falling for her!

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