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Jane the Virgin recap: Chapter 40

Mother-daughter issues, writing drama, and wedding dress decisions (say that three times fast!) create major stress for Jane

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Patrick Wymore/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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Throughout the series, Jane has had her fair share of ups and downs — the panic surrounding her unexpected pregnancy, her anxiety over being reunited with her father, guilt regarding Mateo’s health problems — but hands down, one of the most significant of these is her argument with Xo.

Here’s a refresher: At Jane’s bachelorette party last week, Xo had a wee bit too much to drink and ended up making out with Lina’s crush, a boy a few decades younger than her. Jane was absolutely steaming mad over Xo’s lack of judgment, and in return, Xo is seething over the fact that Jane rejected her apology and is acting super judgmental. The result? The two ladies refuse to speak to or see each other, a fact which definitely doesn’t help Jane when she finds herself out a babysitter.

Enter a moment tailor-made for #TeamMichael fans: Michael cheerfully volunteers to babysit Mateo, assuring Jane that he’ll carefully review any and all lists associated with the responsibility. Forget about last week’s shirtless towel scenes: This is definitely Michael’s sexiest moment! As one might assume, Michael is the best babysitter of all time — so much so that when Jane and Rafael head to the Marbella later to check on their baby, Mateo spontaneously calls Michael “dada.” This is, as the narrator calls it, a “daddy debacle.”

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Rafael — who’s a bit stressed out as it is, what juggling with 1) having acted on an insider trading tip and 2) trying to get a loan in order to buy a neighboring hotel – isn’t too pleased over the big milestone. And who would blame him? He’s trying to get to the bottom of the matter of his mother, trying to advance his career, spend time with his newborn twins, and is doing his best to be there for Mateo. But it’s not enough, it seems, and after the daddy debacle, Rafael asks Jane for three days custody instead of two. She’s amenable to this, which seems to ease a bit of Rafael’s anxiety. And you know what? Good for Jane for putting out fires where she can, especially since she’s treading on thin ice as it is when it comes to the matter of her novel draft and her adviser.

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