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'Jane The Virgin' season 1 recap: 'Chapter 22'

Jane goes into labor and Petra makes an ill-timed discovery, as Rogelio and Xo’s relationship develops in Las Vegas.

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Patrick Wymore/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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How far are you willing to go for love? That’s the question Jane The Virgin asked of its titular heroine all season, and of its viewers as well. Fun, smart, and satisfying in its depiction of a young Hispanic woman—all while avoiding tired Latino stereotypes—Jane the Virgin was a refreshing departure from the usual comedic offerings. The jokes almost wrote themselves: Sure, Jane is a knocked up waitress, but she’s also a college graduate and aspiring author. Then there were her relationships with her mom (the sexy, single mom with a serious streak) and her grandmother (a deeply religious, undocumented immigrant), and her crazy, soap star dad. And course, there were boys: rich, entitled Rafael and Michael, a detective with good-guy cred. And with all the high-stakes story lines involving batty exes, a villainous drug lord, first dates and heartbreaks, there was one constant that wove all 22 hilariously entertaining episodes together. That is, the subject of love: how to get it, how to live without it, how to earn it, how to protect it, and how to share it.

The series finale hit that theme hard throughout the hour, diving right in with a flashback to a teenaged Xo giving birth to Jane with Alba by her side. It was a hard labor and given the choice, Xo would have given up. That is, if it hadn’t been for Alba encouraging her to push just a bit more. And sure enough, with a final push, wee Jane made her grand entrance. “She’s perfect,” exclaims Xo.

Fast-forward to the present, and we see Jane making a killer grilled cheese. Xo is putzing around the kitchen, fretting over the possibility of missing her grandchild’s arrival during her short-term show in Las Vegas. Though she’s only going to be away for three days, Jane is full term and the baby could definitely arrive any day now. Jane’s acting totally nonchalant about the whole thing until she’s doubled up over the kitchen table with contractions. It’s official—Jane’s heading into labor!

 …Just kidding! I knew nothing would keep Jane from diving head first into her sammy, and I was right. She’s faked the whole thing just to mess with Xo. Within moments however, their lighthearted repartee turns serious when Xo asks about Rafael, who Jane saw earlier at a doctor’s visit. Sorry to say it, #TeamRafael, but there’s been no change in their romantic status. “I’m glad, because after the baby, it would have been so much messier,” confesses Jane.

Over on the other side of town, Rafael is confiding to Luisa: He thinks that Jane has moved on. Which is really too bad, because at the doctor’s office, there was definitely a little flirtation going on between the two of them. Is there anything cuter than these two pretty people smiling at each other all wide-eyed and earnest? (Don’t answer that.) Though Rafael doesn’t seem to have a chance at scoring points with Jane, he is winning when it comes to his business affairs.

“The point is, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” he tells Luisa as they’re seated in his office at the Marbella. “With the influx of cash from the Maracay group, I can actually buy Petra out.” Luisa is skeptical, but Rafael assures his sister that he will “get her to sell.” Luisa’s response is one I wish she would have said earlier and often in the season. “Just be careful. That woman is the devil in a pretty package.”

Over at the Villanueva home, Jane is chilling on the couch. Rogelio is by her side; he’s waiting for Xo, who’s getting together her bags in preparation for their show in Vegas. (In all seriousness, wouldn’t you pay money to see those two live?) Jane is busy texting Michael, though in her defense she’s cancelling their dinner under the pretext of working on grad school applications. Someone got the memo about not rushing into a new relationship! However, a bit of teasing from Xo and Rogelio makes it clear that while Jane may have canceled their dinner, she can’t put her heart on pause. She totally has a thing for Michael, and there’s really no hiding it.

Jane may be a bad liar, but Rafael isn’t. His course of action to get Petra to sell her shares depends heavily on the power of manipulation as he pretends to be interested in her again. He’s really good at it too, eyeing like a croqueta he wants to savor morsel by morsel as he and Petra discuss the redecorating some of the hotel rooms. “We need to change the recovery suites since right now they’re associated with Rose,” says Petra, who obviously loves the way Rafael is looking her up and down. “I agree. Let’s cut them,” says Rafael.  “And let’s also get dinner.”

Petra has hardly had a chance to process the invitation when they are interrupted by Rafael’s assistant Scott, who says the Miami Dade hospital is calling. Could it be news of another cancer scare? Petra goes through a few possibilities in short order, but Rafael shrugs it off. So, about that dinner …

Jane may have canceled her meal with Michael, but a girl’s gotta eat, which is why when he shows up at her home with a bag full of burgers and fries from her favorite restaurant, he’s more than welcome to step inside. (I mean, who can resist a boy who comes bearing food, amiright?) The cheeseburgers are satisfying, but so is their conversation, and Jane quickly finds herself confiding in Michael about the fact that she missed the grad school application deadline. Here’s one of the biggest differences between Michael and Rafael: Rafael sweeps Jane off her feet, but Michael grounds her, giving her advice and encouraging her to achieve her goals by placing one foot firmly in front of the other. He advises her to petition the school and they are working side by side on an email to the admissions committee when Jane’s stomach begins to hurt. Could it be contractions? “I think so,” says Jane. “I’ve never had one, my stomach got all tight and I felt this pressure.” Off to the hospital they go!

False alarm: Jane is just suffering from Braxton Hicks contractions, a doctor informs her and Rafael, who’s rushed to be by her side. (As he should.) He leaves the delivery room to tell Michael that he can bug off and their interaction quickly escalates into an argument about whether Michael wants Jane back. “I do want her back,” Michael says defiantly. “Are you going to do something about it?” Jane—who’s emerged from her hospital room—isn’t exactly turned on by the prospect of two cute guys fighting for her heart. “Stop it. Are you serious? Doing this right now in the hospital?” And with that, she refuses a ride from either one of them and says she’ll get a lift from Alba, who’s in the hospital for some physical therapy.

No sooner than Jane has arrived home than Rafael rings her doorbell. Remember in earlier episodes, when she would light up as she met him at the door? But that was then and this is now: Jane is nine months pregnant and totally not having it, even when Rafael apologizes for having hurt her. “You broke my heart. And now you’re saying you don’t need it and I should pretend that it didn’t happen? But it did happen… I want you to get out. Just go.”

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