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Jane the Virgin recap: 'Chapter 9'

Jane and Rafael uncover Petra’s big secret, Xo meets Paulina Rubio and Michael makes a dramatic discovery.

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Michael Yarish/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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The idea of sacrifice can mean different things to different people, but as the midseason finale unfolded, Jane fans learned that the show’s major players—Jane, Xo, Rafael, Petra, and her mother, Magda—all made huge sacrifices in the name of love, making them all quite similar in unexpected ways. That was the premise of the episode, leading up to an OMG moment when Jane and Rafael learned that Petra had been keeping her real identity a secret because of some very dramatic events that had occurred five years ago in her native Czech Republic. So pick your jaws up, and let’s get to it, shall we?

Last week, Jane and Rafael learned that their differences are pretty drastic—much more so than just rich vs. poor (after all, I’m confident Jane can learn to swipe a credit card at Barney’s with the best of them). There’s their religious beliefs (Jane’s a Catholic, Rafael identifies as N/A), their respective ability to trust in others (Jane’s a wide-eyed innocent while Rafael’s a skeptic), and the list goes on and on. It’s one thing to argue over where to enroll your child when said kid is still in uterus—yup, this happened at the top of the episode when Jane and Rafael went to the doctor’s office for Jane’s 13-week ultrasound—but it’s quite another to overcome your differences as a couple to really join forces in times of crisis. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) said crisis occurs when Petra decides to bring a custody lawsuit against Jane, citing an adoption contract that she and Rafael had signed, which stipulates that she would be one of the legal guardians of any baby carried by a surrogate.

This of course, makes Jane stressed and even more so when she learns that Petra has hired a high-profile custody attorney. She wants to take Michael up on his offer to help incriminate Petra by exposing that she’s in it for cash, while Rafael wants to pay Petra off and be done with it. But what the baby momma wants, she gets, so Rafael reluctantly agrees to partner with Michael, who plans to put a wire on Jane and catch Petra saying something incriminating. But it doesn’t go exactly as planned: Petra plays cool during her one-on-one with Jane in the hotel lobby. It’s almost as though she knows she’s being played and that Jane is wearing a wire. She stays mum about cash and instead, reveals a sob story about her father sending she and her mother off to Germany while he stayed behind the Iron Curtain:

“He died one week before the wall fell. I’ll never forget that feeling of losing someone. Never getting a chance to know them. That’s why I’m fighting for this baby.”

Before you can say “ay, pobrecita,” their meeting is over and you can tell Jane is questioning Petra’s motives for pursuing a custody battle. But no matter: before she can tell Michael what’s been going on, he launches into his own confession. He thinks that Rafael is Sin Rostro. But Jane doesn’t want to hear any of that and goes off to find Raf. He had also been listening to Petra’s story via Jane’s wire and went to his suite to do some digging. He’s suspicious, as the events that Petra told Jane don’t exactly match up with what his ex-wife had told him years ago. Enter the sacrifice: Though Jane doesn’t believe that money solves problems, she concedes to Rafael’s request to use an expensive P.I. to get to the bottom of Petra’s story.

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