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Jane the Virgin recap: 'Chapter 8'

Jane tells Rafael her big secret and Xo records a demo with a music producer, while Michael is poised to get a big break of his own.

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Jane The Virgin
Tyler Golden/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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In Season

This episode, Jane told Rafael something special: “I’m still a virgin.” To some men, this might not be earth shattering, but to Rafael—for whom the “former” in “former playboy” wasn’t really all that long ago—those four words are a bomb, with the potential to blow up his relationship with Jane before it’s really begun. When Jane finally tells him the news over what’s supposed to be a romantic dinner, you can see she’s excited, nervous, and really, really scared. And with good reason: no one—not Michael, Petra, Rogelio, or even Xo—believes that she and Rafael can work. So when he visibly recoils at the news, you can see Jane’s imaginary castle come crumbling down. Ouch. The implications of a fallout is much than a mere breakup; after all, there’s a baby and a pretty big medical malpractice lawsuit at stake.

But first, we have to start with Rafael’s return from Mexico City. You might remember that last week, he was fired. Why? It turns out daddy was angry that he put the hotel at risk by using his shares as collateral for Luisa’s medical malpractice insurance. So Rafael set off to find Luisa south of the border, where the family owns a hacienda. He suspects she’s been boozing and with the help of her bar tabs, he’ll be able to track her down. But no dice: Rafael returns to Miami without having found his sister. “It was like chasing a ghost. A drunk ghost.”

Rafael is tan and his shirt is looking incredibly tight, so when he and Jane finally reunite after two weeks, their emotions are running at an all-time high. But not so fast: Jane coughs up the excuse of her upcoming court date as a reason to avoid jumping right into bed with him and so Rafael turns to a popular coping mechanism: food. Though for the record, his damage of choice consists of a petite green salad and a tumbler of scotch. So that’s the secret to his lean physique!

I think we can all assume that Rafael took a cold shower before heading to court for the pre-trial motion. Since he’s been fired, the hotel is no longer on the hook for Luisa’s malpractice but even so, he’s visibly relieved when his prodigal sister strides into the courtroom. She’s wearing a hippie-chic sundress and looks unreasonably relaxed, the reason for which soon becomes clear: She was off in Peru on a spiritual quest (with the help of some “magic” tea).

With Luisa back, Raf asks his dad for his job back, who agrees on one condition: Raf now has to report to Lachlan. But Lachlan has brought Petra on board, which means that Rafael will have to work for his archenemy and his ex-wife. As a typical guy, he’s launched into a “me me me” tirade with Jane over dinner, when suddenly they’re interrupted by the arrival of some spinach and artichoke dip. It’s been sent over by a couple at a neighboring table for “Jane the Virgin.” Better now, than never, right? At least that’s what Jane thinks when she finally gathers the courage to tell Rafael her big secret.

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