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Jane the Virgin recap: 'Chapter Seven'

Petra is back to her scheming ways, which has an unintended consequence on Raf and Jane’s new relationship.

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Jane The Virgin
Greg Gayne/The CW

Jane the Virgin

TV Show
Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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In Season

One might expect that after Jane and Rafael’s deliciously magical kiss (seriously, there were falling flower petals and soft breezes) those two might have decided to ride off into dusk in a carriage with a destination of happily ever after. Alas, not quite.

This might be TV, but it ain’t a fairy tale of the usual sort. Instead, “Chapter Seven”—the follow-up to that epic love story moment—began with a flashback to the night 18-year-old Jane kissed Rafael. Sparks were definitely present, but there was a reason why their connection didn’t take off. Chalk it up to a problem as old as time: He just didn’t call. Unfortunately for Jane, Xo very much remembers that Rafael nearly broke Jane’s heart several years ago and has no qualms about interrupting their sweet kiss and dragging her daughter home.

But he’s changed, really! At least, that’s what Jane tells her mom the morning after and luckily, Rafael does call. She’s barely started her act of “oh I totally wasn’t waiting for you to call” when the doorbell rings and she finds him at the door. Of course, she’s looking adorable in a high pony and cute pajamas—no drool stains or fuzzy slippers in sight. (The magic of TV at work, folks.) Then, Rafael utters the magic words:

“Before things go further, I wanna do things the right way and take you on a date.”

Rafael leans in for a kiss—and I should note, at this point I was smiling so hard I could feel my cheekbones hurting—but surprisingly, Jane puts an end to his advances. She explains that girlfriend’s got a lot going on and needs a break from their relationship—even in its nascent stages—to think. After all, she’s attracted to Rafael, but there’s baggage. Capital-B baggage, in the form of a manipulative ex-wife, their unborn child, the whole class difference thing, and more… like the fact that she’s just ended a two-year relationship. Jane’s taking the breakup pretty well, but when she meets up with Michael at the hotel later to return some of his belongings, it hits her: she needs to make sure that she’s ended her relationship with Michael because of what’s he done, and not solely because she has feelings for another man.

Totally unaware of what’s going on, one of Jane’s friends asks if Rafael can put them all on a guest list at an exclusive club. It turns out that Rafael is an investor at the hot spot and he’s all too happy to make sure Jane and her friends can get in. It’ll be like a date—but not really, Jane reminds him.

A few minutes later, our heroine heads back to the hotel locker room. She probably just wanted to tinkle or take off her heels—after all, girlfriend is preggers and the Miami heat probably isn’t doing her ankles any favors—but Michael is waiting for her, as is a gorgeous, over-the-top floral arrangement. The flowers are from Rafael, and Michael decided to open the accompanying card. There’s mention of a date and a kiss, which prompts Michael to angrily tell Jane “you’re not the person I thought you were.”

What kind of girl does Jane believe herself to be? It’s clear she’s struggling to reconcile her head with her heart and it doesn’t get any easier when she gets to the club later that night with her friends. Once she’s there—wearing another one of her adorable dresses—she can’t take her eyes off of Rafael. Maybe it’s just the way his pecs are about to tear through his tight shirt. Or maybe it’s the fact that some random chick is licking his neck and Jane’s a wee bit jealous. Whatever it is, Jane is looking at Raf, and he’s looking at her, and it’s hot. But Jane realizes despite what her hormones are telling her, she wants to be true to the values that have defined her thus far. “I can’t do that to Michael,” she tells Raf about the possibility of jumping into a relationship with him.

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