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Jane the Virgin recap: 'Chapter Six'

Jane meets a pair of wicked stepsisters and a winner in the Team Rafael v. Team Michael emerges, while Xo makes a life-changing decision of her own.

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Jane The Virgin
Danny Feld/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
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Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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On Monday’s episode of Jane The Virgin, a winning suitor emerges from our love triangle, while Xo decides to change her approach to dating, reversing a lifetime of poor decisions about men. And in a laugh-out-loud storyline, Jane meets two very “evil, evil, evil” stepsisters, which forces her to think about her past in a way that strengthens her resolve to become a teacher.

The night kicked off with a flashback to Jane and Michael’s first time. Their first time meeting, that is. Our heroine is celebrating her 21st birthday with a party at home (Xo is playing bartender, of course) when the doorbell rings. A tipsy Jane opens the door to find Michael, called to the house with a noise complaint from a neighbor. Seeing Michael dressed in a cop uniform, Jane assumes that Michael is a stripper. (Wouldn’t you?) He’s not, of course, but their connection is forged that night with a deep, sweet kiss that’s the stuff of telenovelas.

But that was then and this is now. Jane’s doorbell rings, and it’s Michael, who apologizes for keeping Petra and Zazo’s affair a secret. The wedding is definitely off, Jane says, and she’s not ready to forgive him. And she has other things to think about, like the fact that she’s scheduled a dinner with Rogelio in the evening, during which she’ll meet his twin stepdaughters. “Former stepdaughters,” interjects Xo. “Hopefully they’re not as bitchy as their mom.”

Something else comes up to distract our heroine from thinking about Michael: Jane’s received her student teaching assignment and is scheduled to teach at Lady of Sorrows Catholic School. But why is Jane less than happy about the news? Actually, scratch that: She’s not less than happy, she actually seems right down panicked. “Mom, it’s a high school.”

Turns out that Jane was the target of bullying in high school, when a popular girl—whose dad had been dating Xo—turned against her. But there’s nothing her college administrator can do to change her assignment and so Jane does what most women in her place would do: She goes on a shopping spree at Target. She’s on her way home on the bus surrounded by some seriously swank canvas Target shopping bags (the like I’ve never seen!) when Raf calls to apologize for threatening to fight for custody of his child. A relieved Jane accepts his apology, but as the narrator points out, Raf fails to mention his feelings for Jane. Seriously, dude?

But there’s no time to wallow because right after their call ends, Raf is arrested by a pair of cops for allegedly abusing Petra. Petra is lying about the domestic violence, though her black eye proves she’s definitely been struck on the face. But by her conniving mom, Magda—not Raf. The look on Raf’s face when he realizes Petra has set him up is at once sad and terrified, making it clear that whatever love they had is totally lost. It’s sad, but not really, since as commentator Misscar pointed out last week, Petra makes Ugly Betty’s Wilhelmena Slater seem like a good person.

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