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Jane the Virgin recap: Chapter 21

Jane stresses out about her high school reunion, while Petra makes a play for her man.

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Photo: Aaron Epstein/The CW

Jane the Virgin

TV Show
Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
run date:
Gina Rodriguez
The CW
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In Season

If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn about Jane over the course of the season, it’s that she’s a planner. Like a type-A, color-coded Post-its type of planner. In fact, the whole premise of the show is driven by how Jane—she of the calendars, schedules, and detailed life plans—handles the unexpected.

So, imagine her stress level when she realizes her five-year high school reunion is around the corner. Always the eager beaver, she had started to help plan the reunion when she had been out of high school barely a year. Back then, she was sure she’d show up with some awesome accomplishments to her name. After all, during high school she had been named “Most Likely To Succeed.” But that was five years ago and now Jane—preggers, single, and unemployed—is feeling less than successful. Even Lina is having a hard time persuading her to go to the reunion, as each of her pleas is met with an excuse by Jane. “I’m on a schedule, 10 pages a day,” says Jane, not looking too convinced. Not even mention of Alex Mendez—a hottie back from her days at St. Cullen changes her position. Lina then brings up the fact that Jane’s archenemy Stephanie Kovakovitch (whose father Xo dated back in the day) probably hasn’t become a success story.

“She dropped off of Instagram last year, which means she looks terrible, which by seeing her will make you feel better,” rationalizes Linda. “Just like seeing all the teachers who worshipped you.” Some argument, huh?

Meanwhile, Rafael is also feeling less than accomplished. He’s wrestling with whether he should dissolve the Maracay Group, his dad’s holdings conglomerate. “Dad’s dead. We have to move on,” says Luisa. Too bad he also can’t move on from Jane—weeks later, and he’s not over her. “Luisa. I think I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have broken up with Jane.”

While Rafael is trying to figure out his feelings for Jane, our leading lady is standing firm about her decision to file for sole custody. In fact, she’s off to the Marbella to inform her baby daddy about the decision when she “bumps” into Petra and Magda in the hotel lobby. (I used quotation marks since Petra had spied a note about Jane’s meeting with Rafael in his calendar. That girl is never up to any good!) Just as Petra planned, the encounter leaves Jane in a somewhat foul mood once she finally makes her way to Rafael’s suite.

Even so, Jane sticks to business and coolly informs Rafael about her decision to file for sole custody. “That doesn’t mean you won’t see the baby,” Jane assures him. Rafael then offers to get a separate apartment. “If this isn’t about keeping the baby from me, than don’t.”

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