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'Jane The Virgin' recap: 'Chapter 14'

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Greg Gayne/The CW

Jane the Virgin

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Gina Rodriguez
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Telenovela, Drama, Comedy

Say what you will about love—how to find it, earn it, and keep it—but there’s one thing that nearly everyone agrees on: If you say it too soon, you risk ruining a relationship. But when Rafael and Jane exchange “I love you’s” in Monday’s episode, it felt sweet and somewhat appropriate given that these two have been through a whole lot together. (And by whole lot, I mean an unexpected pregnancy, crazy stepsisters, a scheming ex-wife, a criminal investigation, a jealous ex y mucho mas). In “Chapter 14,” Jane and Rafael realize that though they’ve grown quite a lot in their relationship, they have yet to gain mutual trust—making the build up to the magical exchange of those three oh-so-important words one of the most touching treatments yet in this telenovela.

At the top of the episode, Jane and Rafael’s major trust issues were front and center when Michael interrupts the happy couple as they’re registering for baby cribs and drops a bomb: Rose is Sin Rostro. At the announcement, Jane looks like she might give birth right then and there. Her disbelief goes up another notch when Michael asks Rafael to alert him should he hear from Emilio. It’s a scene straight out one of Jane’s telenovelas, and for a moment, the series reverts to magic realism as Michael and Rafael exchange dramatic one-liners and even a slap (or two).

Back at home, Jane tells Xo the news (“That’s straight out of La Reina Del Sur,” Xo exclaims). Now remember, Xo is still warming up to Rafael. Her distrust of him, just like Michael’s, rubs off on Jane. Jane’s skepticism becomes all too apparent when, the next morning, she mistakenly overhears Rafael on the phone. He’s in the middle of a sketchy-sounding conversation and after noticing Jane, totally changes his tone. “What was that about?” asks Jane. “Luisa,” he says. Technically it was the truth, but Jane remains unconvinced.

Things get even more heated when later, Jane—minding her own business, of course—sees Rafael closing the door in a hotel room that’s been marked with a “Do Not Disturb” sign. O-M-G: She’s face to face with the man she thinks is Zazo. She runs downstairs to the lobby and finds herself opposite Michael, who can immediately tell something is wrong. Jane tells him everything and the two of them go up to the room to investigate. (Or rather Michael does, with Jane timidly behind him.)

Knock, knock! “What the hell is going on?” That’s the question Michael poses to Rafael and let’s be honest, though Rafael is never to happy to see Michael, he’s definitely less than pleased now. But he has an explanation: The man Jane saw at the door wasn’t Zaz (dead man walking!); it was Aaron, Zaz’s twin. It turns out that at the time of Zaz’s death, Aaron was being held for ransom by a Mexican cartel. Rafael, being the good guy (so he says!), bailed him out. And now, Aaron’s in town to get answers about his twin’s death. “I just want to know what happened.” Us, too.

The appearance of a long-lost twin is definitely a time-honored telenovela trope, but unlike so many others that have appeared in the series (The evil stepmom! An eye-patch wearing villain!), this one doesn’t add any levity to the situation at hand: Jane and Rafael still don’t trust each other.

Jane: ”I was scared. I thought I saw a dead man… I thought that maybe your father was in there.”

Rafael: “What?”

Jane: “But I didn’t really think that. I couldn’t really know 100 percent.”

Rafael: “Because you don’t trust me?

Jane: “No. I do.”

Rafael: “Really? Because it doesn’t feel like it.”

Sigh. Though Jane is quick to jump to conclusions, Rafel isn’t helping matters by being, well, plain shady. He goes off to release Luisa from the mental hospital—being that it’s now evident that Rose had ulterior motives for placing her there—and finds Luisa conveniently at the door. (Fun fact: Brooch pins can be used to pick locks.) Not that she’s particularly happy to see him. “We’re all responsible for our own baggage,” says Luisa as she hoists her bag into his convertible.

The significance of her statement isn’t lost on Rafael, so when Jane apologizes later for freaking out, he (kinda, sorta) takes the opportunity to talk it out. How can they trust each other when they don’t even know each other’s favorite song? His, by the way, is “Living on a Prayer” by Jon Bon Jovi.

NEXT: Rafael ups the ante[pagebreak]

Their lack of trust becomes even more evident when a few scenes later, Rafael finds out that his father has been found—dead and buried under cement, of course—and acts super angsty at the funeral. There are all the usual reasons of course, but Jane realizes that it’s because they still don’t feel “safe” with each other. But it’s nothing a few candles and some Chinese food can’t remedy. Her sweet act is enough to make them both realize that trust issues aside, they do care for each other; and thus, the “I love you’s.” Normally, a soap would segue into a softly-lit sex scene, but nah: on Jane The Virgin, writers take things a step further.

Rafael: “Jane, what are we doing? I love you. You love me. We’re having a baby.”

Jane: “This is true.”

Rafael: “So let’s move in together.”

Wait, what?

Elsewhere in “Chapter 14”:

  • Luisa broke out of the mental hospital with little other than a brooch pin and a well-thought out plan. (Best line ever: “You know Dan, the hot delivery guy? Yeah, I know, I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s so hot. He’s so basic.”) We learned that she and Rose met five years ago in a “girlie bar.” But though the two fell in love, Rose was determined to marry Emilio, whom she started dating before ever meeting Luisa. Why? She had just eased out of the drug business and wanted to open a plastic surgery ring—and his hotel provided the perfect cover. However, with Emilio out of the way and under ground, Rose reached out to Luisa and asked her to run away with her. Luisa dumped her hotel shares with Petra and only time will tell whether we see either Luisa or Rose ever again.
  • Petra’s scheming paid off big time in tonight’s episode. Armed with plenty of cash, a sexy new wardrobe and a third of the hotel’s operating shares (thank you, Milos!) she was ready to strong-arm Rafael into resigning as “the face” of the hotel. That is, until she took advantage of a mourning Luisa, who eventually passed her shares on to her brother’s ex-wife—an act that allows Petra to run the Marbella.
  • Thanks to some encouragement from Jane, Xo and Rogelio finally came clean about their feelings for one another. And with the assurance that Xo wants to build a future with him, Rogelio decides to take a supporting role in a Miami-based telenovela starring his rival Esteban Santiago.  “I will shine on Esteban’s show the way I always shine. Even brighter because you will be on my side.” It goes without saying that Xo decides to end her vow of celibacy.
  • There’s so much to love about Jane, from her love of flowered maternity dresses to her firm stance on barred cribs. “I want the Orange is the New Black version. A friendly prison. Where one has the chance to explore their identity.”

Total sex scenes this episode: 5 (Two flashback sequences featuring Rose and Luisa locking lips, and um, more; Rogelio and Xo jumping into bed; two sweet and sexy smooches between Jane and her man)

Jane The Virgin fans, do you support Jane and Rafael saying the l-word so early in their relationship? Is a marriage proposal next? Have we seen the last of Luisa and Sin Rostro, er, Rose? Did you like the way Jane writers linked the topic of trust with each of the couples in this episode? And what’s really up with the appearance of Zaz’s twin? Share your rants, theories, and observations in the comments!