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Jane the Virgin recap: 'Chapter 10'

Jane is trapped in a figurative and literal hurricane at the hotel while Alba’s condition remains uncertain.

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Greg Gayne/The CW

Jane the Virgin

TV Show
Telenovela, Drama, Comedy
run date:
Gina Rodriguez
The CW
Current Status:
In Season

She’s back! After a month-long hiatus, our favorite preggo virgin has returned. With a Golden Globe for lead Gina Rodriguez and a People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy, it appears that the rest of the country has discovered what Jane fans have known all along: The Miami-set telenovela adaptation offers quality, high-stakes storytelling, with a smart, sweetly emotional and tongue-in-cheek tone and incredibly talented cast to boot. That being said, December’s fast-paced midseason finale—Magda tried to kill Alba by pushing her down the stairs! Michael discovered Sin Rostro’s lair!—laid the groundwork for overlapping storylines that focused on evolving identities, loyalties, and emotions.

“Chapter 10” kicked off with a scene meant to reassure worried fans about Alba’s condition after being pushed down the stairs by Magda—kind of. Though she’s alive, she’s in the hospital and unconscious. Sad face. As a hurricane threatens to hit Miami, it’s clear that Jane and Xo are dealing with a whirlwind of conflicting emotions: relief that Alba is alive, worry over her undiagnosed condition, and stress about the oncoming storm. But there’s one thing that can act as a comfort during times of distress, and that’s prayer. Though there’s a lot that Alba has taught her granddaughter, chief among them is the belief that through prayer, one can find strength and yes, even sometimes a solution. Time to start a prayer circle! Except there’s a problem: Alba’s rosary is missing. Although Xo insists miracles don’t happen with some “beads from a church flea market,” Jane is determined to find the rosary, which she reasons, is probably back at the hotel. So off she goes…

Back at the hotel, another storm of sorts is a-brewin’. Rafael’s dad needs to fly out on some unspecified business, but is reluctant to leave his son in charge. Though Rafael’s never impressed me as the brightest crayon in the box, he sees an opportunity to step up and impress daddy dearest. And it works: His dad agrees to let Rafael temporarily take over. There’s just one condition: Rafael will have to lay off 15 percent of the work force at the hotel.

“Not at all,” he says coolly when his dad asks him if it will be a problem. Remember, though Rafael may not admit it, he craves power (um, remember he married someone out of spite just to mess with his dad’s chosen protégé?). Rafael goes to his office to get started on the messy job of figuring out who’ll be let go, only to find Petra—er, Natalya—who asks for her settlement as per the terms of their pre-nup. Except, as Rafael points out, she didn’t sign it with her real name, so it’s not legally binding. And it’s not like he’s about to give her cash out of the goodness of his heart: The last six months, Petra’s particular brand of crazy has included sleeping with his best friend, conspiring to get him fired, setting him up with an escort, trying to get sole custody of the baby, and falsely accusing him of domestic abuse. Quite the laundry list, right?

But Petra’s hardly alone as the series’ sole scheming wife. Enter Rose, who is seen eavesdropping on her husband’s phone conversation. “I’ll need $5 million for Alegria,” he says. Rose is burning up with curiosity, but she merely asks her hubby if he’s okay, and in response he mumbles some lie about his driver. He heads off to Prague, and Rose is left with lots of suspicions. As are we.

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