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iZombie recap: Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat

But Liv’s a Cheerleader! (And a stoner.)

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Liane Hentscher/The CW


TV Show
Crime, Drama, Horror
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Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli
The CW
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In Season

Emotionally smarting from the psychotic hallucination that faux re-meet-cuted Liv and Major (such a short respite from the usual Meat Cute), I approached this episode with trepidation. Could my heart take much more angst? Turns out it can, and it did, with Liv giving the full zombie reveal to one of her nearest and dearest—and this time it was for real. All the loose ends unraveled in last week’s episode set this one up for some answers. And yet, we got very few beyond the fact that bashing a zombie’s brain in does, in fact, kill him. (Although, apparently I’m the only person in the entire zombieverse who didn’t know you can obliterate a zombie by blowing his brains out.)

Instead, it’s more questions—and, as it turns out, a ton of violence and suspense in the goriest ep since the season began. Will I ever get used to the smash and squish sound of a rock crushing someone’s skull? To set up the horror fest, the opening mini movie of “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat” is an homage to I Know What You Did Last Summer. (Later on, one of the kids says “And if there’s anything I learned from I Know What You Did Last Summer 1 and 2…” to which Liv, not missing a beat, responds, “You saw I Know What You Did Last Summer TWO?”)

Four teens careening down a dark, curvy road hit a dude with their SUV, freak out—”Somebody needs to do chest compressions to the beat of ‘All for the Best’ From Godspell,” says cheerleader Kimber—melodramatically, and after the requisite “we can never tell anyone about this ever” speech, bury him. The problem: That dude is Sebastian, the Max Rager thug who tried to kill Liv last week, but got a dose of the undead life when he licked her blood. The burial lasts about 3.5 minutes before Sebastian busts out, snaps Kimber’s neck, and goes cruise ship buffet on her cerebellum. 

Liv, more determined than ever to kill Blaine, is in a full revenge-plot emo tailspin from all of the zombie Patient Zero fall-out. With Lowell, it was painful, but now that Major is in the midst of getting closer to the truth, she thinks the only way to save him is to keep him in the dark. But the creatures that inhabit that dark are way worse: Blaine is on the warpath to find his million-dollar ticket, the Brainy Lean Cuisines that Major stole. And Major? He’s watching zombie apocalypse vids on YouTube and recording a confession to be watched in case of his death.

Charmingly, the first round of “you are what you eat” brains turns Liv into a one-woman pep squad. “Can we not talk about high school right now?” she zings, as Ravi reminisces about his younger days. “It’s hard not to feel like you’ve peaked when you’re doing shots of two-week-old liquefied prom queen brains in cold Mexican hot chocolate.” It’s the best deadpan of the week, suitably out of the mouth of the best undead chick I’ve ever come across—and perhaps the most cynical. Ravi’s cured zombie rat, Hope, dies, and we get another Liv deadpan: “Hope’s dead. How ‘on the nose.'” But there’s still some tainted Utopium left, and Cheer Captain Liv, full of “totes” and “like’s” has suddenly found hope again. (But not Hope, she’s gone to rat heaven.)

My favorite moments from this season are the tiny flashes of real Liv when she’s under the influence of someone else’s gray matter. Watching Rose McIver play two characters simultaneously is truly a joy, and nothing makes me more invested in this show than when she smirks and rolls her eyes at herself. The way she physically embodies each brain-inspired character of the week is uncanny. It’s a tic that’s gotten even more pronounced as McIver has gotten more confident in the Liv-ness of it all. And while the show’s writing and storytelling continue to get tighter and more intriguing, it’s McIver’s spark that makes me tune in week after week.

And damn does she have fun with Brain One this week. While interrogating Kimber’s BFF Tate, Liv goes full teen, winning her trust with a promise of an ex-boyfriend gossip sesh and fro-yo. (Hey, did I mention McIver is from New Zealand? You’d never know it from her flawless American accent.) Tate plays a message from Kimber—”I’m seeing Hotty McBody and I’m thinking I may take that oral exam”—which leads Babineaux to: 1. Make the most amazing face while reacting to that sentence; and 2. Track down a band called The Asshats, a.k.a Kimber’s hit-and-run mates from the night of her death who promptly deny any involvement in the case. But Liv does get a vision of French kissing (sorry, I never get to say that) stoner Nate. “High school girls make weird choices,” she explains to Babineaux.

Meanwhile, Major, no longer a minor character, keeps making stupid decisions and goes health inspecting at Meat Cute. He also buys two guns and… a grenade?! Seriously, his death wish is approaching levels of bone-headedness that could really sabotage how great his storyline has been developing. So it’s absolutely no surprise that he ends up with Blaine’s goons at the end of the episode. I want to feel bad for him, but his behavior is annoying when Liv isn’t properly interwoven into his narrative.

In saccharine BFF mode, Liv and Peyton—who should be around more; Aly Michalka has really turned what could be a one-note roommate stereotype into a saucy well-developed character—reminisce about old times and even bat around a pillow or two. Pitch Perfect 2’s Anna Kendrick might think a pillow fight sets feminism back 30 years, but in this case, it’s a sweet reminder of what the two friends once had—pre-zombie, of course. Sadly, a promise of a spin class date goes unfulfilled after Liv houses brain pizza courtesy of French-kissing-burnout-bad-boy Nate, who Liv and Babineaux find “OH EM GEE” dead in the band’s rehearsal space.

A text from Kimber to Nate (a week after her death) full of dollar signs and a security cam video of Cameron fleeing the scene 7 minutes after Nate’s death raises questions that Babineaux and Liv can’t answer. That is until a sketch artist’s portrait, courtesy of the she-who-has-no-name but sounds like Demi Moore drummer, brings Sebastian back to undead life. Faux Demi then sneaks out of the police station to go meet Cameron at a motel. This is definitely going to end well, right?

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