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'iZombie' recap: 'Mr. Berserk'

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Cate Cameron/The CW


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Rose McIver, Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohli
The CW
Crime, Drama, Horror

This city might have a zombie problem, but this show certainly does not. In fact, as the zombie side of the city ramps up, the stakes only get higher. However, if we were to pinpoint this show’s problem, it’d have less to do with glaring red eyes and more to do with a little something called honesty. How much longer can they leave Major in the dark? Are they really going to let him check himself into a mental hospital? Well, they did. But thankfully, within what seems like a day of being in the hospital, patient Scott E has finally filled Major in on the “z” word of it all. Let’s just hope it sticks and he doesn’t write it off as some crazy nonsense, because if that story line isn’t wrapped up soon, I might go full-on zombie on someone.

But before we get to Major’s realization, let’s start with Liv’s loss: Lowell. Poor, dear Lowell is dead—for real this time—and Liv is suspect number one. At least until Suzuki comes in with a suicide cover-up that Ravi is willing to sign off on … so long as he gets Liv’s blessing.

And then there’s the small matter of Major, who’s buying guns off the street and claiming to shoot men that Clive finds hours later at the gym, bench-pressing a solid 350. (Is that how beefheads talk?) Long story short, Clive tells Major that he’s on his way to a 220: involuntary commitment to a psych facility. So he might as well beat them to the punch and admit himself.

Meanwhile, Liv’s still living on PTSD brain, and she can’t sleep for reliving the moment of Lowell’s death. So instead of sleeping, she heads into work, tells Ravi that Blaine killed Lowell, and then gets to work on a new case: The murder of journalist/raging alcoholic Rebecca Hinton, a.k.a. the reporter who worked with Major on the very piece that got him beaten up … the second time? I’ve lost count.

Pretty stoked about the alcoholic side of Rebecca, Liv eats her next set of brains and gets to work avoiding Ravi’s question about whether he should sign the form declaring Lowell’s death a suicide. Ravi won’t sign it without her blessing, even though he thinks it’s the right move. After all, what are their other options? Blaine killing the next person who questions him OR putting a zombie in a prison? Plus, if they say suicide, they can properly get rid of the body.

Liv’s response? Vodka, mixed with a vision of Rebecca being shoved down some stairs before her “robber” took her thumbprint. So what was it that was so important that the robber wanted to get into Rebecca’s phone?

Turns out, Rebecca was working on a case about Jason Fry, a college kid who killed a bunch of students in the school library about a year ago. According to Rebecca’s editor, she had been working with a source when she died. So when Liv and Clive visit one of Jason’s classmates—Ryan Fisher, debate extraordinaire—Liv gets a vision of Ryan’s girlfriend shutting a door in Rebecca’s face. (On her new brain, Liv also says journalistic things like “burying the lede” and “bloodshed always goes in the first graf”—only one of which I’ve ever said, just for the record.)

And that takes us to Liv getting drunk and trying to get answers out of said girlfriend, who’s really more of a “bang buddy,” according to Liv. And what do you know? Something drunk Liv says sticks, because Connie–a.k.a. bang buddy—finds Liv the next day and tells her the whole story: Jason Fry was a little too good at debate for Ryan’s liking, so the guys took Jason out to a cabin, got him all kinds of drunk, and had Connie made up to look dead. So when Jason woke up, he thought he’d committed murder, and a few days later, well, he actually did.

With that, Liv and Clive immediately pay Jason a visit at the mental hospital to inform him that he never actually killed Connie, and that’s when Liv discovers that Jason was a big Max Rager fan. Ding ding ding! He drank the violent psychotic drink and then killed everyone in the library! Suddenly, it all comes full circle.

So while Clive looks deeper into Max Rager—and discovers that Ryan has an alibi for Rebecca’s death—Liv refuses to deal with the Major issue at hand. Ravi tells her about the mental hospital, but all she can figure is that a few weeks in there will mean that he’s safe for that period of time.

But it’s a good thing he didn’t already check himself in, because when Liv gets hammered at the local bar—10 shots?!—Major is the one she calls to come tuck her in. He heartbreakingly apologizes for losing his mind when Liv needs him the most, but when she almost explains the zombie situation, he stops her and soothes her to sleep. And by the time she wakes up, he’s gone.

NEXT: Liv’s just a girl at a bar


Pushing Major—and Lowell—to the back of her mind, Liv focuses solely on the case at hand, even going so far as to pay Vaughn at Max Rager an unsupervised visit, where he claims that the memo—you know, the one warning him about the side effects of his produce—is fake. And to make matters worse, you can imagine how much Liv’s field trip pisses off Clive. However, I don’t care, because dancing-drunk-Liv is by far my favorite Liv.

But when both Clive and Liv’s actual boss send her home, she once again finds herself at a bar. Only this time, Rebecca’s source introduces himself. Everyone, meet Sebastian, he’s highly attractive and claims to have worked for Max Rager at some point. He also claims that Rebecca had another source, someone still on the inside.

Liv quickly figures out a discrepancy in Rebecca’s calendar: What kind of self-respecting drunk goes to pilates on a regular basis? The answer: One whose second source also attends.

At pilates, we meet Adele, the woman who is in possession of the memo that could bring down Max Rager. But when Adele tries to run, Liv once again finds herself face to face with Sebastian. Only this time, he’s much less attractive—blame the bar lighting—and also, he’s wearing brass knuckles.

After taking a blow to the head, Liv wakes up on a boat, next to a dead Adele. Sebastian, obviously still a Max Rager employee/hit man, then steals the flash drive that holds the memo and throws Adele overboard. He then lies next to Liv, and because he’s a total creep, licks some of her blood. WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.

Liv then goes full-on zombie, throws him overboard, and chops him up with the boat’s propeller as she speeds off. The best part? The boat’s name is “Fun Fun.”

Once back on land, Liv tells Ravi to sign the form saying Lowell killed himself, and as she surrenders all of the booze she was hiding in her purse, she also surrenders to her feelings, finally telling Ravi that it’s her fault that Lowell is dead and letting herself feel the grief. The good part of Lowell’s death? It’s just the thing Liv needed to be able to pull the trigger the next time she goes after Blaine.

And now we’ve come full circle to the mental hospital, where Scott E. informs Major that he too has seen red eyes. And it’s because there are “friggin’ zombies” everywhere.

Speaking of zombies, a somehow-not-totally-ripped-to-shreds Sebastian is now one … and he’s pissed. (Also, does he still have the drive?)

So the best thing that this episode did is up for debate. It’s either A) Finally clueing Major in on the zombie problem (we hope); B) Drastically ramping up the battle with Max Rager and further pushing us toward a finale; or C) Drunk Liv’s dance moves. You choose.