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Big Brother recap: 'Big Brother' recap for Sunday, August 18

McCranda’s final-four deal is already paying off, as Aaryn does their bidding

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The “house unity” that has led to a predictable string of unanimous votes on this summer’s Big Brother had to come to an end at some point, and it looks like the line has been drawn in the sand between the various “power duos” (it might be time for Andy and Spencer to consider a redhead alliance, since they’re the only ones not paired up at the moment). But at the start of Sunday’s episode, before that line is drawn, everyone seems pretty proud of themselves, even if there’s nothing to be proud of.

We, of course, begin with Amanda congratulating herself for being solely responsible for Jessie’s eviction — even though she has yet to win a single competition. Spencer, meanwhile, pats himself on the back for being on the block five times and surviving five times — which just means he’s the weakest of the weak links. Congrats!

And just when Andy’s tears had finally dried up after Judd’s surprise eviction last week, the outgoing Head of Household turns on the waterworks yet again as Jessie walks out the door. Really? Over Jessie? I understand the Judd depression; you’re losing the comic relief, most likable person, AND best nature-photography fashion all in one fell swoop. But with Jessie, you’re losing the highest-pitched voice, the most desperate for showmance, and… well, that’s pretty much it.

When it comes time to crown a new HoH, something happens that could only happen on Big Brother: I actually rooted for AARYN to win something. Granted, she went head-to-head with Amanda, and that is how truly unlikable a player Amanda has become. (Please talk me off this ledge, because I know how genuinely terrible Aaryn is as a person, whereas Amanda is just an annoying game player. Or maybe they’re both terrible. Yeah, that’s probably it.) And look who’s celebrating the loudest — good-old GinaMarie, who went around waking the whole house up to tell them how terrible Aaryn was just last week. Yup, they’re just like sisters. Really evil sisters with peroxide coursing through their veins.

Meanwhile, Amanda has to make it all about her (again), wailing, “I can’t win ANYTHING.” Actually, the most charming thing about her might just be how awful she is at competitions. But any goodwill immediately dissipates when she turns the whole thing around on McCrae again, chastising him for not trusting Aaryn (good instinct, bro) and accusing him of “rubbing it in” that she can’t win. Well, he should know, since this showmance has made McCrae all too familiar with being in a “no-win” situation.

And like any grown woman would do in her situation, Amanda runs and hides. Literally. Behind a recycling bin. Seriously, 3-year-olds are better at hide-and-seek than she is. She really is terrible at competitions.

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